Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gave up

Had a discussion with my wife.

There seems to be three groups of sexually abstinent men.
1. More sexually denied by disinterested wives. Non kinky.  Just marriages fallen apart but they are sill living together in a sexual desert.
2. Catholic or Natural Family Planning (NFP) couples.  Wives very supportive and in a vanilla way dominate the man as far as sex is concerned to ensure he stays abstinent.
3. Kinky couples sub man dom wife. 

In types 2 & 3 the men are basically happy and the women are overtly caring for the men.

My wife was "bla" when it came to this activity.  She just did not care.  She is just not into me.

So I figured what is the point.

Told her that and we had sex.  Pretty boring sex.  I think she sees it as her marital duty.  She certainly does not get turned on and does not seem to want to get turned on.


  1. hmmmm, I was wondering: when you guys had sex recently, did she have an orgasm?

  2. No. She does not like me and has zero libido.

  3. And it's now June, 2018. I wonder if you are still in the marriage. Have you decided to find a sexual relationship outside the marriage? I hope you have not decided to just "go without" the rest of your life, that is not healthy nor desirable.

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