Thursday, May 26, 2016

I wish - plastic

I would love her to put plastic sheets on the bed (or instruct me to do it).
Then pour some baby oil between them and the two of us get naked and get in.
Unlikely to happen.  Even talking about plastic is not allowed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When nothing much is happeningn the mind wanders

Nothing in a sexual sense happening in my life so the mind searches for stimulation.

Read an interview on this blog
The interviewer sent a set of questions to the female blogger who is a dom and her husband is sub.
I found it wonderful to read.  So nice to read of a relationship that is so honest and open.  I contrasted that with the relationship with my wife where I regret that I ever told her of my fetish kink side and now days I feel the need to carefully measure what I am going to say.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gender view

Experienced an example of how gender is being neutered.  At a school function and a family were there with two kids.  I though two girls.  Turned out a boy and a girl.  Twins.  10yo.  Both had short hair but in a pixie cut.  They were both in identical school uniform which has some gender neutral variants in this case shorts and a polo shirt.  Naturally I was curious and so asked a few questions while chatting with the parents.  Turns out that the kids play on the twins thing and actually try hard to look alike.  The like to have fun confusing people.  Also it seems that the parents encourage this kind of both sexes and either sex thing.  They said that they have lots of identical clothes and mum at one stage said "we keep suggesting that he wear a skirt".  Apparently a balks at that.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hand job on my back

My wife is on her period.
Last night she amazingly decided to be intimate.
She had me lie on my back and she placed a plastic bag with some lube in it over my penis.  And slowly began to rub me up and down.  With her other hand she would squeeze my nipples.  Very painful.  A great turn on.  Dealing with the pleasure and pain.  I was so on edge but could not cum.  I asked if I could roll over.  She said "No I want you to cum on your back like this".

Wow that was exciting.

Somewhere I had read a story (being the internet who knows if real of fantasy) of a woman who would only let her husband cum when he was on his back.  I'd told my wife one time about that and how it turned me on.  She wanted him to be responding to her rather than driving or leading the bedroom activities.  I'd also spoken about couples where the husband abstained from orgasm (usually for religious reasons but some FLR) and that they would engage in intimate touching but where the husband had to lie on his back and in one case the posting had said that he was not allowed to thrust.  Just enjoy the intimate sensations of touch but no thrusting.  At the times I had spoken to my wife about these things it seemed that she had either heard and ignored or maybe been put off.  Anyway it seemed that she had not taken it in and had not responded.  So this was a lovely turn of events.  Combining a feeling that she had listened to me with the titillation of a variation of the scenario that had excited me along with the physical touch and presence of her body.

It was amazing though hard it was to cum.  I am sure that I could presumably lie on my back and jerk myself off (much as I get a huge let down if I masturbate) but with her rubbing and squeezing it was really hard but then I came.  And that was great.  But then she kept rubbing.  Slow and all the way up, squeeze and slide her hand down my shaft.  Shiver.  sensation overload.  Normally when I cum, the sensation and I guess hyper sensitivity mean I stop after I cum.  Here she was continuing the operation and I was in sensory overload.  Almost to the point of exhaustion and a weird sort of "wish it would stop" feeling.  She was drawing it out and I was loving it.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Story writing - I wonder if it's any good

Thought I would have a go at writing.  It's not FLR more traditional sub female roles so feel free to ignore it.

I'm keen for feedback.  Edit or rewrite.  Just post a comment.

The jist of the story line is
Two girls flying from Australia to the UK for a 1 year holiday "Gap Year".
Similar names.
There is a mix up and they each go off with the people who were supposed to meet the other.
One was expecting a kink experience
The other was a bit of stuck up rich girl ends up in the kink environment.
The one looking for the kink experience ends up in a more lase fare arty group.

How long before each of them realises the mix up.
What about the reactions of those around them?
What happens when mix up is discovered? How do people react.

At 20 Jodie Alexis Smith sat fidgeting it seat 37D.  She was unsure whether she'd made the right decision.  Never quite fitting in completely.  Yes she had friends.  Straight friends.  no one with whom she could have entrusted her inner thoughts and feelings.  This coupled with moodiness and on and off again fighting with her mum had resulted in her turning to the internet for comfort. 

Eventually after wading past what seemed an insurmountable male oriented porn she had discovered a web site that seemed to resonate with her.  A retreat for people with kinky sexual desires was looking for a maid.  A one year internship.  Structure stability and clear rules appealed to her.  The threat of the cane or spanking was both titillating and frightening to her.
Unbeknownst to Jodie Alexis Smith of 37D fifteen rows in front of her was Jodie Sarah Alexis in 22A.  Precocious to the point of annoying her Mother and Father who had ensured Jodie had received an education at the best private girls school Sydney had to offer.  Jodie was what the casual observer would describe as a self absorbed stuck up rich girl.  At 19 Jodie had bombed out of her first year university course as a result of prioritising her social life above her study life. 

The time had come for her to "find herself" a gap year was proposed and with her parents help tickets purchased and arrangements made.  Jodie having lost interest in the detail had just gone along with it.  So now she found herself aboard the London bound 787.

As the plane pushed back from the gate, a hostess leaned over and spoke to her.  It took Jodie a few seconds to disengage her concentration from updating her facebook status by which time the hostess was repeating her name for the third time.  Finally Jodie managed to refocus her attention and smiled politely at the attendant.  Her good looks, smile and general positive attitude, unknownst to her, had  kept her at the top of the social ladder and "in" with a large circle of friends.  So quickly she was able to turn on the charm and respond the hostess with a smile.  The hostess frustration melted like so many before her and she handed over an A4 envelope with "Jodie Alexis" hand written across the front.  At the same time saying "This was left on your seat in the departure lounge"  Her phone was vibrating.  Each shiver represented a "like" and she was keen to check just how popular her departure was and so she smiled at the hostess, took the envelope and shoved it into the seat pocket in front of her.  Not recognising the envelope, her assumption was it was another attempt by her mother to organise her life.  Didn't her mother giver her any credit for anything.

40 hours later and Jodie Alexis Smith of 37D had distracted herself from her inner uncertainties and fidgeting with activity.  She'd completed all the puzzels and crosswords at the same time as working her way through as many of the movies in the catalogue as she could.  When she bored of the puzzles she'd read a few chapters her rather should we say 'alternative'  novel.  She was angry with herself for misplacing the envelope and hoping it was in her luggage although she was sure she'd had it with her.  The trip to the airport had been rather emotional with yet another screaming match with her mother who could not understand why she needed to go over seas.

Separated from the internet, Jodie Sarah Alexis of 22A had initially struck up a conversation with the middle aged man beside her who was more than willing to talk to the good looking and cheerful girl beside her.  Quickly tiring of that activity she too had read through the inflight magazine admiring the merchandise and reading the captions of the photos of exotic places.  Finally a few movies and drifting off to sleep.

Landing, clearing immigration and customs for both girls had gone smoothly with Jodie Sarah Alexis of 22A  emerging into the arrivals hall first.  She looked around to see who had come to greet her.  Somewhat deflated to discover no screaming crowd although one wonders why she might have ever expected that.  As she pulled her too large suitcase and looking around she saw a line of people, mostly men holding signs with names on them.  As she scanned she noticed some were printed on paper and some were names on I-pads.  She took a double take.  There was her name "Jodie Alexis".  White letters on a black background.  She widened her field of view.  Her name was on an I-pad held by a woman.  Thin.  beautiful.  Dressed all in black.  High heels, black tights and miniskirt and a black jacket. 

Having lived at the upper end of society, Jodie did not consider being met at all odd.  Trailing her suitcase she approached the girl and said "Hi.  I'm Jodie Alexis".  The girl's initial reaction in the form of a muffled intake of breath smiled and offered to take her suitcase.  The short journey from customs had reminded Jodie of the weight and she was more than happy for the girl to take it.

Jodie tagged along as the girl walked tall and purposefully to the pick up area.  As she walked, the girl pulled Jodie's suitcase with one hand and produced a mobile phone and placed a short call with the other.  They had barely reached the pickup zone when a Rolls-Royce glided to a stop in front of them.  The driver stowed the suitcase and the girl held the door for Jodie to enter.  As the car pulled away, Jodie asked the girl, who had hither to been silent if her mother had organised this.  The lady answered that "lady Elizabeth" had instructed the pickup. 

<More conversation as the car drives -- needed here>

Jodie Alexis Smith of 37D entered the arrivals hall just in time to miss the girl switch off her I-pad and turn away trailing Jodie Sarah Alexis' suitcase.  Jodie Smith began to wander around wondering what to do.  She had understood she was to be met but had no idea by whom.  Gradually all the other passengers from her flight dispersed either with friends or to find taxi's or trains to take them to their next destination.

Suddenly a overly effervescent woman approach her and said "Are you Jodie Alexis"? to which she replied yes.  "Sorry I'm late lets get going we have the parking man trying to get rid of us"  She started to stride off toward the outside at a great pace.  At the kerb was a van with the side door open.  Music coming out the door and two young girls chatting up the parking attendant resplendent in his orange safety vest.  As the lady and Jodie arrived they hoiked the suitcase into the van and climbed in.  The two girls shouted thanks and good by and climbed in as well.  The van pulling away with side door still open.  One of the occupants slid the door closed.  The music continued and brief introductions were made.  The clatter and enthusiasm was infectious.  Somewhere Jody was told that they were on the way to a party where two of them were in a band that playing.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sewing pattern

Taken from the junk mail that landed in our letterbox.
The purple girl caught my eye and not just because she has a cute face.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Other Peoples Lives

It's fascinating reading about and talking with other people.  I get quite depressed about my life.  When I read or talk with others I start to feel lightened.  Maybe some voyeuristic rush, who knows.

On the personal side, I have been amazed and educated about the drama that goes on inside the families of my mates.  Just this morning a group of us had had a training session that concluded of course with coffee.  Some of the guys got onto discussing teenage angst and that morphed into just general home life melodrama.  Now these are not your stereotyped low social economic types.  These are upper middle class well to do.  You know the types.  Battery flat in the Beamer so take the wife's Tesla type of thing.

One fellow had literally kicked his older kid (Just out of school) out for a couple of months and the kid had gone and taken up residence in a backpackers.   Apparently he had had to restrain the kid from hitting his mother but also after the event he privately spoke to the mother about how she had wound up the kid.  Wrong all round.

Another fellows daughter had been unable to get a job after graduating from uni and got depressed.  Spent 6 months pretty much in bed.

Makes my self satisfying depression seem pointless.

In the blog sphere, I have enjoyed reading various blogs.  Recently discovered these two blogs:-
They are a husband and wife in a FLR.  With a willing female maid who is sub to the wife and dom to the husband.  Maid gets spanked.  Husband gets to penetrate the maid at the wife's direction but not to cum.  In fact he is kept chaste pretty much all the time.  The sexual tension is exciting. 

I also enjoy this fellows blog