Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Thoughts

Friends (relationships) are the most important things.

In order of intimacy I would list things as follows:
Spanking is very intimate
Kissing on the lips is intimate
Vaginal Sex.
Holding Hands
Hug (least intimate but still reassuring)

It is nice to live in a pretty free society where subs can choose to be sub as opposed to say in the past where women were oppressed into a submissive position in society.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Start the day ironing

She had some paperwork and emails to send this morning.

I ironed the kids school uniforms.
Helped with getting school lunches.
Put the bins out.
Organised kids to feed pets.
Drove the kids to school.

Ironing is not my thing but it is one of those chores that are more easily done in a submissive headspace.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Helping Her

I have been very busy helping my wife with a few of her community projects.  A good chunk of Saturday and from the conclusion of church on Sunday through to 2am (that's right 2 in the morning) and I was helping her on one of her projects.  The last hour was a drive home and she slept most of the way. 

Now she does not overtly like the FLR idea.  She talks about equality.

As I was driving, I thought about this.  I had given up other activities to help her.  The big picture activity was all hers.  All I was was competent engineering support if you like.  I made some of it happen using technical skills that I posses but it really was just helping her.

The point being I had forgone other activities and made space specifically to help her.

I thought back through the years trying to find a time when she had given up time to help me with something.  I could not think of a time.

Now I rather stupidly pointed this out to her when she awoke.  I asked if she could remember a time when she had made time to help me and she couldn't either.  Again at 2am its not really a kind thing to do to point out that she talks about equality but really its do what she wants equality.

Personally I would prefer her to be more overt in the sexual side of the marriage because she already has the non sexual side well and truly take care of.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Finances and Sub Roles

Over on the "Im-hers" blog, there is a discussion regarding finances and allowances

The key points I want to pick up on are that the wife (Katie) is in charge of the finances.  The husbands money is deposited into Katies account and then he gets an allowance from her and she is the key financial manager.

My wife has stated that she does not want to manage the money.  She does though.  She spends it.  She worries about it sometimes.  She seems to keep the receipts and so on.

My suspicion is that she would rather that I managed it.  I don't and that is because I am lazy.  I think she would prefer that I manage it and she spend it. 

I think she would like the responsibility divides where I would deal with tax and so forth.  I think she prefers to do the grocery shopping.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Stress releaf

I was a bit moody.  A bit stressed.

She said should she use the strap on me.  That is use the strap upon my bottom.  Put those thoughts away.

It is so much fun when she initiates.

She got my leather strap and I asked should I take my pants off.  She said yes.  Interesting because on occasion she has not wanted to see "damage" to my bum.

She strapped me as I lay naked on the bed.

You know it is pretty weird but it hurts (read stings) but at the end a real sense of calm washes over me.

Before doing this I had a mild headache but that was completely washed away.

After that we had sex.  Me on top being gentle.  She has begun in recent times to pinch my nipples.  That arouses me.  Its like there is a signal wire from my nipples to my dick and that says "get hard".

She did not unfortunately want to roll over and cum with her on top.  I guess it was a "I'm doing this for you" thing.

Anyway the key point of this post is that spanking can cure a headache :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nothing much hapening

Kids take up time.
Cleaning the kitchen.
Feeling tired from work.
No time left for intimacy.
Deep breath.
Its life.

(I read back on my blog that in recent times she has indulged me and I am sure she will again)

I ponder though the freedom that I read about with people in a real sub relationship.
I also yearn for the love that I feel is expressed when the dom takes the time to give a maintenance spanking.  To me that is the quintessential connection of a BDSM relationship.  When the dom takes the time and effort and the sub demonstrated submission and is of course guided into subspace.
ah I dream....

Mind you the other day she said (not for the first time) have I though about finding someone else to play out my kinks with.

Any takers?  Probably need to be in Oz and live at least reasonably close to an airport.