Friday, December 19, 2014

Braces fetish

Radom surfing the net.  Found that there are people who have a fetish for braces on their teeth.  Fascinated.  Turned me on.  I think I will add that fetish to my repertoire.

When I find some more links, I will post them here for fun

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


To be honest, I was feeling frustrated.  Life in general as well as sex life and husband - wife relationship.  A discussion along these lines with my wife.  Some points I raised were that on the one hand she does not want to be "dominant" and on the other not "submissive" and there was some discussion of a book we had read a while back called the "diary of a submissive".  I also noted that she did not seem to want to flirt with me nor indicate what that I was doing was good for her and what was not. 

I guess I felt like we were going no where.  Not making an effort.  Not communicating.  Not thinking of the other.  A lot of "not".

On the other hand I know that when I do not have orgasm, that I have more energy and more motivation to help around the house and to turn her on.  The frustration was partially along the lines that she did not seem to want to be turned on even though I was doing what I thought were the right things - house work as preparatory atmosphere setting and gentle stuff in the bed room.

I have in the past encouraged her to cane / spank / whip me and tried to communicate to her that physical pain is not all bad.

Anyway that night she said to me put a plastic bag on and lie face down on the bed.  This means slip a plastic bag with a little baby oil in over my penis.  It's a way we have to engage in mutual masturbation without messing the bed.  She got the cane from where it lies mostly unused behind the dresser and brought it down across my bum.  Wow!

Again and again.

What to do I thought.  Luckily for me she did exactly the right thing.  The treat continued.  In a submissive mindset for me anyway is that I do not want questions.  I just want to be told.  She said "This will continue until you cum"

What a treat.  The pain of the cane and sometimes she would stop and run the end of the provocatively along my inner thigh.  As I would hump up and down on the bed it was interesting that normally I could cum in a second thinking about such a caning but in that moment the pain seemed to stop me from being able to cum.  I was drenched in sweat, humping away and the cane was swishing down and cracking on my bum and the pain was both exquisite and terrible at the same time.  But I could not cum.  (getting old I guess).

Finally she said "I'm getting tired, put your hands down and cum or there is nothing for a month".  I put my hands under me around my penis.  The cane came down hard a few more times and I finally managed to mentally deal with the confusing signals and explode in to the plastic bag. 

Drenched in sweat I lay there.  She lay beside me.  I rolled over.  Kissed her gently on the lips and thanked her.  We lay there on our backs hand in hand and drifted off to sleep. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A submissive mindset

OK I would like her to be a dominatrix.  Demanding and sexy but unfortunately that aint gonna happen.  Mind you it would be interesting.  I suspect though the risk is what happens if I didn't like it anyway.

I find though that having a submissive mindset is for me a good happy place to be.

Even though she is not sexually dominant, she is effectively controlling.  Some of the practical outcomes of having a submissive mindset are firstly to simply accept and go along with any decision or direction she makes.  There is a childish behaviour that I have to watch simply out of being respectful.  That being to almost accept sulkily.  So if she makes a decision and I accept it with a snyd comment or more noticeably if she asks my opinion and I respond with "I don't care" or similar.

Now it could be that I really don't care but I have to consciously choose words that convey that in an adult way.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How can FemDom work?

I am not sure how to title this but I was thinking things like
What is in it for her?
Why should she put the effort in to dominate him?

Both of these are interesting

I suspect that my wife when she engages in somewhat dominant behaviour is doing it because she wants me to be happy.

If we flip back to the traditional male dominated relationship, I doubt too many men took a dominant position in order to make the woman happy.  I bet most guys were basically self motivated.  Having a submissive wife basically meant that their needs - food, clothing, sex, everything were taken care off.

So given in my case at least that my wife's motivation would be more to make me happy then maybe I need to be more direct in talking about what makes me happy.  The down side is that this may cause her to freak out.

The convienience of a nappy

I have a fetish for want of a better word with wearing a nappy.  No desire to poo in it.  Perhaps it is a security thing.  I don't wear one all the time but I do a lot of the time.  When I am wearing them I go in cycles.  I will simply wear one effectively as underwear and not use it.  These are disposables but they don't tend to last long before they fall apart if not used.  If I am careful then I will get a week out of one.  Sometimes I go through phases of wearing plastic pants over the top.  This is useful if toward the end of the week and to a small degree provides additional security in the event that I need to use it.  Just occasionally I will be in a situation where it is handy.

Today was such a situation except I have not been wearing for a month or so.  As part of my work I have to attend meetings and today I had several meetings in succession with no opportunity to go to the toilet in between and coffee at each meeting.  By the end of the last meeting I was in some pain. After the meeting which concluded with walking with client I was no longer really listening to them as I was totally focussed on my predicament.  We shook hands and parted and I went to my car.  I was bursting and the first thing to do was to drive to the nearest McDonalds and use the loo.

It however has reminded me of why I like nappies.  Time to buy some more I guess.

Monday, November 3, 2014


We had sex on Sunday night.
Well mutual masturbation.
It was a very enjoyable time of cuddling and kissing and touching that resulted in me rubbing her and she was rubbing me.

During this she said she wanted us to cum together that she likes it more than anything if we cum together.

Highlights the differences.
I obliged and enjoyed.
But still really what would have been edgier would be if she had cum and had forbidden me. 

Highlights our differences.