Monday, February 28, 2011

On my back

Came home at lunch time.
We both lay on the bed naked.
She asked me to come in from on top. Which I did. We had a conversation where I said I felt that given I had been a bit grumpy on Sunday that I should not get to cum.
She rolled us over and started moving on top and then she came and lay on me and relaxed.
Then she said roll over and cum.
I said "are you sure" and she said "that is what I said"
so I did.

At this time, she is "wanting me to be happy" and that is great but what I would love to have is her being happy and teasing me.

It's not that I do not want sex. I do very much.
I really want her to want sex and enjoy sex and for that to happen I need to look after her.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Evening conversation

So I asked to whip me and she said no.
She said she I had been very good today and she does not like whipping me and whipping should be kept for when I am bad.
OK fair enough.

I snuggled up to her in bed and tried to encourage herto have sex she said "you will be taking a break from cuming for a while and doing it right now would be just too much temptation"

ooohh the frustration already.

It is amazing what is "good frustration" and "bad frustration"
This is "good frustration" being teased, being not allowed to cum.
"Bad frustration" is that she does not "get it".

I would love for her to look me in the eye and lick her lips and then tell me to .....
do whatever - from pleasuring her to cleaning the house.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

starting again I hope

This morning she told me to remove my pants and put on some lube then she got on top and worked her self.
I asked if I would be allowed to cum she said maybe.

Then there was some more discussin about how I behave when I do not get to cum and I said what about before christmas.
She said we came every day. The 12 orgasms of christmas.
I said what about the three weeks before when I did not get to cum and that we were both happy. I did not get angry or anything and I did things for you.
She thought about it and said maybe that was true.
I think she has selective memory.
So then I asked if I was going to get to cum and she said "lets see how well you behave for a week"
oooh so turned on.
Then I asked her to whip.
Just came straight out and she did.

Then she went back to sleep.
I got up and did the huge pile of washing up. Made me feel so subservient. so useful. so happy.
Then I cooked breakfast

Now this evening and I have this desire to go and ask her to whip me again.
here's hoping

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Maybe its getting going again

The previous two nights I have ended up having a argument with my wife.
Both times I ended up sleeping on the couch.

Last night I said I was sorry and that she should ship me.
She does not like whipping me but she did it anyway.

She is though tesing me with sex.
She has said when I demonstrate self control by not yelling at her then we may have sex or may not.

So here I am turned on. Wanting sex. Been punished.

Actually I would lover her to tie me to the bed whip me and not ask how many or how hard. But that is not in her nature.