Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10days abstinant

10 days of sexual abstinence.
Of course all I can think about is sex.

Femdom101 has a bit of a discussion going on overt FLR.

Got me thinking.  (not on the sex thing per se)

Tell a man what to do and he will do it with focus and drive.  He will put effort into it.  She will be free to consider other things or simply relax.  He will feel good about a job well executed.  A good experience for both.

Tell a man what to do an how to do it and you will end up with frustration and a crap job.  The woman will be exhausted and the man will be annoyed.  The job will be poorly done.  A bad experience for both.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another FLM WLM blogger has a couple of posts on masturbation

Another FLM WLM blogger has a couple of posts on masturbation

I wrote a couple of responses on the "Im-Hers" blog and of course mused on the topic.  I had a look back on my blog and found that back in 2010 I had written a post on masturbation:-

Any internet discussion about masturbation will of course the age old question along the lines of whether men and boys should masturbate / should they be allowed to masturbate / should action be taken to prevent masturbation.

I wrote some of my teenage-hood masturbation on the Im-hers blog and reproduced it below.  The jist of that was that even with the raging hormones of teenagehood, the lack of privacy in the boarding house where I spent my school terms combined with the social stigma within my social circle combined with my desire to not slip down the social ladder meant that I would not masturbate during term time.  A period of 10-15 weeks.  So it is possible.

Now of course it is the thing of internet porn where the mother or father put their son in chastity and Im-hers points to a story of a mother who puts a device on her wayward son. You can read it via the link on his blog. Personally I think its fiction but there have been times in the past where parents have done the things that would normally be the domain of internet folklore.  The 2004 movie about Kinsey he mentions as a teen being made to wear leather underwear to prevent masturbation. I had a school friend in the boarding house who when he went home was made to wear plastic pants over his underwear.  I had a fascination for plastic now I know it as a fetish although I did not know the word at that time.  His parents were paranoid about image and apparently when he was younger he had wet himself in public and the parents interpreted this as bringing shame on the family so whenever he was with his parents in public he had to wear the plastic undies just in case.  Another example was I was helping on a church retreat one time and at a table 4 old ladies were talking and the topic was being given enemas or having to take castor oil or some other substance to induce bowel movements.  One lady said every Saturday morning and another responded with we had to do it Sunday night.  The memorable thing was that it was a regular thing not just in response to some illness.  These days any of these things would be considered farcical.

So will masturbation be prevented in teen boys and how?
My suspicion is that if it were, these days it will be done by medication - by drugs.  Simply because at present it is trendy to have your kids medicated.  I have overheard mums trying to out do each other in explaining the efforts they had to go to to get the doctor to put their kid on some behaviour modifying drug or other.

Will it?
That is harder to answer.  The world has become more public.  Parents have become disempowered and tend to do nothing.  The moral high ground no longer exists.  Maybe there will be a return to parental control but I suspect a while away.

There you go.  My treatise on masturbation for the day!

===My Teen Story===

With respect to my teen years. I went to boarding school so of course no privacy. I was also in the middle of the social ladder. Not one of the "in crowd" but also not one of the pariahs either. To be caught masturbating meant you were known as a "wanker" and a sure fire way to slip to the bottom of the social ladder. Wankers did not get invited to secret drinking parties or skinny dipping in the school pool in the middle of the night. Wankers would wake up to wet beds because someone would pour a jug of water over the sleeping teen. You get the idea. There was a lot of pressure not to masturbate and so during term time I would often go more than 10 weeks without masturbating. Naturally I would have raging hard ons during the day in class and wet dreams at night every week or so. That I managed by wearing underpants and a singlet so that the pyjamas did not get wet with cum.

During school holidays I would go home and without the self imposed fear of being discovered I would succumb and masturbate. A lot!. It used to make me feel weak and in a way I used to look forward to going back to school. To the structure of the boarding house.

So I think it would be possible for teen boys to not masturbate but it would require a change of societal attitude from the current Its OK basically encouraging boys to masturbate to a societal attitude recognising the lust and weakness associated with masturbation and that would have to be coupled with vigilance where I suspect everyone would be watching everyone else.

The point being it is possible for teen boys to abstain for decent periods of time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Submissive Sunday night Sex

By the cheeky title you may gather I am in a goog mood at work.

Last night I hopped into bed and my wife asked if I had any dry lip stuff as hers had run out.  Now perhaps in hindsight she was intimating she wanted something other than one of those lipstick type things to put on dry lips. But anyway.  I fumbled around on my bedside table and was unable to locate the stick that usually is there.  Surmising that it had rolled off I got out of bed and eventually located it under the bed and gave it to her. 

There was an exchange where she said words along the lines of she did not intend me to go to so much effort and I replying that nothing was too much effort for her.  She put the lip stuff on and when she handed the stick back to me I put some on and she leaned forward and we had a slimy and very fun kiss.

Then she said "Take your tee shirt off".  Which I did as things were looking good.
She then put a clothes peg on each of my breasts.  PAIN!
But I was getting aroused.  I guess I am a pain slut.  Is that the label?
She then said "Do you think you could leave them on all night"
I am hard.

She tweeked them a few times and the pain shot through me and she also played with my hard cock and at times sucked it, bit down on it (ouch / confusing set of sensations and thoughts) and dug her finger nails in.

At one stage I asked what she was thinking.  Hoping that she would tell and also hoping that this would give me some clues as to what I should do for her.  She said that she found it hard to inflict pain on me.  OK?

She invited me to put it inside her.

This I did gently and realised that I had not spent the time to turn her on like I had done the previous day.  If ever there was a practical demonstration as to why men should not be allowed to orgasm that was it.  Because I was so engrossed in my own world that I had forgotten that she should be first.  Anyway I did go in gently and then after a few minutes she motioned to roll over so she was on top.

I could feel her moving and trying but she just did not get to orgasm.

She then said for us to roll back over and for me to cum.  I have to confess at this moment I was in two worlds.  Part wanting to cum and part not.  I know she likes me to cum in her. I think she feels validated by that.  ie her beauty turns me on so to speak and it does.  I started to move and git very close.  She grabbed both nipples, turned and squeezed.  And I exploded.  Wow talk about confusing set of feelings but a great night.

We lay back hand in hand.

I reflected, what a wonderful weekend.
Saturday morning at the gym female instructor, amazed at my wife's fitness and endurance and me personally exhausted and left with aching thighs.
Saturday afternoon turning her on to the point of orgasm.
Sunday night sex where she actually was proactive.
and in-between lots of family activities.

Now I should get back to work. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend tease and tension

Saturday morning and she asked me to come to the gym with her.  Who am I to refuse.  Wow by the end of that I was exhausted.

Saturday afternoon and it was raining.  Somehow we ended up with an hours rest in bed.  We were both fully dressed.  She had a nice but shortish skirt on and I was wearing jeans.  She fondled me through my jeans and I suggested that I take them off but she said to leave them on.  interesting.....

I stroked her gently and she rolled onto her tummy.  That was a good sign.  Slow and gentle I know with her not to "go the grope"  Stay away from her genitals.  Back of legs, top of shoulders, bottom.  Then she started to run her fingers along her panty line at the back of her legs.  This was good.  I allowed a finger to stray between her legs every now and then.

I asked what she was thinking.  Usually a frustrating question because the answer usually does not have anything to do with the bedroom activities but this time she said she was imagining my finger inside her.  I said that we could turn her thoughts into reality and I gently began to work my finger in the side of her undies and into her clit.  She began to get wet and moist.  This was good.  Very good.

She began to move more and more and at one stage pushed herself up on one arm and pulled her top up.  I took the hint and continued to touch between her legs with one hand while caressing her breast through her bra and then pushing my fingers into her bra and extracting a boob.  She was moving more and more and so I decided to risk a little mouth work on the breast.  I know from experience that she only responds positively to sucking on her breast if she is already turned on and this was no exception.  Soon after she came in a series of shudders.  Then giggled as she gets very ticklish.  We lay together arm in arm and drifted off to sleep.

Awoke and hugged and kissed and she said lets see how you go waiting until tomorrow.

Ah the tease and the tension.  So nice.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not till the weekend

She teased me last night.  All the nice painful things - Pinching nipples, stroked penis and at time dug in her fingernails.

When I asked if I could cum she said "no not till the weekend".


Friday, August 8, 2014

A misdirected gift

This morning my wife fondled me and I got hard and then she said to get inside her.  Any mans dream you might think.  I suggested maybe we should roll over so she was on top but she said no that this was just for me to enjoy.

Of course an orgasm is great.  Its fun and relaxing.
But...... its over in an instant.
Tease followed by no orgasm lasts all day.

The sad thing is that she really does not get that.  She really is not kinky and I think she genuinely thinks she was doing something nice for me.  I suspect that if she and her girl friends were sitting round the coffee table the consensus would be that this sort of sexual indulgence would be considered magnanimous.  A treat.  A sacrifice.  A very traditional present I would say.

So there you have it.  She has done what she thinks is nice and yet I am left thinking well OK she made an effort but a somewhat misdirected effort.  I feel she does not listen to me.  Hearing without listening.