Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Away on business

Out of town and not really in a position to post. Hence no updates. No sex either obviously. And actually no desire to cheat either on my own or in the way that it seems some men do when on business trips. To me being faithful is just that. Hope you are all good.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interpretation of Submission

I want him to take the initiative
To open doors, hold coats, Ladies first.
To gently approach sexually
All without being told

I want her to order me about and spank me when I am good and beat me when I am bad.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday morning sex with her on top

We had sex Saturday night.
We chatted about how last time we had had sex, she had fallen asleep on top of me and I said how I had found that enjoyable.  On that occasion, we had both ended up cumming.  I said that I was OK with her having me hold off and that it would be fun for her to relax and sleep on me with me not cumming as I would presumably stay hard and stay inside her.  Anyway it was a fun discussion that finished up that way with her cumming several times and then falling asleep on me.

I just lay there with my arms around her and so so turned on but knowing I must lie still.  I also found it hard to breath.  At one stage, she woke up and I asked if we could put a pillow beside me and she would partially lie on that and she did.  I was still sort of hard and in the process of manouvering the pillow under her, she giggled which is something she has not done for ages and started to move and I giit hard and she came again and then relaxed and whispered in my ear "Hope you enjoyed that".

I must have drifted off to sleep but woke a few times as it was still quite hard to breath.  I was determined though to see if I could go the whole night like this.  Such is having a fetish I guess.
In the morning, she woke and just started to move again and again reached orgasm.  Then pulled off and kissed me passionately on the lips.  I was so so turned on.  It was great.

She said she hoped I had enjoyed that and I said I sure did. 

We then had another conversation about sex and orgasm.  She is still unsure about me not cumming.  I think she somehow feels that I don't find her attractive enough or something.  I tried to reassure her that she was really beautiful and that I did get great satisfaction from her cumming and that I enjoyed the tease.  I reminded her that in the last few moths she has cum many times and yet earlier in our marriage there were times when it seemed that she would not get to orgasm for years at a time.

I tried to broach the subject of perminant chastity but I do not think she is ready for that.

We discussed moodyness and I said well that is a problem.  I said remember that after I have had orgasm, there is some down feeling too.  At least some lack of attention feeling.  So me getting moody because I do not get to orgasm is a negative reason for me orgasming.  We should concentrate on the positives and work through the negative.  I mentioned that if she were to punish me by whipping if I get moody.  She said that how can that be a punishment as I enjoy the pain and I said make it so painful that there is no way I can enjoy it.  She said "well see". 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chatting with the wife about teasing

Last night we got into bed and snuggled up together and I said thank you for last night.

She said "would you like to do it again" and naturally I said "Yes" and so she said get out of bed and put on a plastic bag.  I got a plastic bag out of the bedside table and put a little baby oil in it and put it over my penis.  I then said should I put on plastic pants or just undies and she said undies.  Got back into bed and she stroked and teased me.

I said "Can I cum" and she said "Not tonight, do you think you can wait all night like this" and I said "yes" and she said "No waking me up rubbing against me or rocking the bed at 2am".  I said "I'll do my best".

We then went on to have a wonderful little conversation where we discussed how she liked me to touch her bottom and tease her by gradually doing things and moving slowly.  I said "well you stroking me and teasing me is like that too.  There is great enjoyment in the tease. The anticipation.  The sexual tension" 

She said we will be going to sleep at 11:30 and you can wake me at a quater to six in the morning for 15 minutes and then I (her) will be getting up. 

From about 5am I was awake watching the clock and at 5:45am I started to stroke her back and when she stirred I said "it's a quater to six".  We played & touched and she stroked my hard penis through the undies and plastic bag.  I asked if I could cum, half hoping she would say "no" but she said "yes" and so with her touching me I rubbed and came and that was a nice way to start the day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Amazing how things 'come together'.

Last night my wife said 'tonight is your night'.  As I got into bed, I heard the crinkle of the plastic mattress protector and felt the bottom sheet slip across it.  She has folded the normal mattress cover over so she has two layers of quilt and the cotton sheet between her and the plastic and I only have the cotton sheet between me and the plastic. As we lay in bed and she ran her hands over me, and I across her, she said 'put on some plastic pants'.  So I hopped out of bed, dug them out of the bottom draw and put them on with some baby oil to make the slippery.  I put my boxers over the top and hopped back into bed.

My wife hates plastic.  I have learned not mention it.  She has at times, when we are agonising over our relationship made negative comment about it.  So this is a big thing for her to do. A present for me.

Then today, I see a posting where Locked Husband Comments on how he is finding the heat makes his chastity device hot and uncomfortable and he hates it.  I muse on how for me, I find that my fetish includes a component of needing the endurance.  Of living with something uncomfortable.  There is a challenge in a way.  And I have talked with my wife about this but as it seems she does not have a kinky bone in her body, I do not think she really understands but she plays along or does her best from time to time to entertain me.

So anyway we, well me at least, enjoyed the physical touch and the tease and stimulation, I asked if I could cum.  This is win win.  I would enjoy it if she said 'no' as that would add sexual tension and I certainly would enjoy the orgasm of cumming.  She said 'yes'.  So eventually with her active encouragement, I exploded into my plastic pants. 

I lay there relaxing but of course the moment was over and I start to think about the discomfort.  So I say 'I'm just going to change and clean up' to which she responds 'no stay in them all night'.  Ah so she has listened all to well.  So I wear my plastic pants and sleep on the plastic sheet all night.  It takes a while to get to sleep and I awoke a few times in the night.  But it is stimulatory all the same and extra nice that she was involved.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Someone said somewhere that guys sexualise everything and I think that is true for me.

This I think is going to be one of those rambling posts.

I guess I wish that my wife would be more overtly controlling in a sexual way.  I also wonder what it would be like of she were overtly controlling.  Would I like it or not.  Maybe I would never be happy.  Maybe it is a case of grass being greener on the other side of the fence.

Remaining in a submissive mindset is easier if I sexualise it.  Doing the washing up as she chats to our guests.  If I sexualise it then it is fun.  Otherwise it is frustrating or tedious.

My wife has on occasion mentioned that I should go find someone to play out my fantasies with and I notice in a blog called strict julie spanks that she has all sorts of strange relationships going on between her and her sister and wot not.  There was just one time when my wife passionately kissed another girl on the lips.  Tongue and all.  I found it a real turn on although I believe the other womans husband was most displeased.  We were at a party and eveyone had had a bit too much to drink. So it is possible that my wife would not be jealous of a play relationship.

To me perhaps a more interesting or practical thing maybe either to find another couple where the woman does overtly control and spank the husband and have dinner with them (no kids around) and talk about how it works for them.  They would need to be not too weird by that I mean I no matter how much I would fanticise about it, if they have their own dungeon and she flogs him half to death then it probably would turn my wife off.  But if he lies or is even tied to the bed and whipped and then gets up and is still seen to be alive then that may be OK.  

I think there is a balance between doing things for her selfish self and doing things for me.  By that I mean for example, she will spank me sometimes if I ask her wheras she does not seem interested in forcing me to do something. 

What would be nice is if she more often engaged in kinky stuff.  For example I enjoy the feel of plastic pants and sleeping on a crinkly plastic sheet.  She hates the mention of plastic.  There is a middle ground I think where she can tell me to wear them when she is going away.  She has done this in the past but not recently.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Night Sex

She came home last night and usually she is dog tired but tonight when we got into bed, I was lying on my back and she climbed on top and started to kiss me and said with a smile on her face "I'm on top" and then pressed her lips down on mine so I couldn't respond.

Naturally I was hard in an instant.

I put my hand on her undie clad bottom and was very careful not to just go the grope.

As I ran my hand down her leg she spoke to me and told me that it felt good.  This is a new thing for her.  I had spoken to her recently and said that I felt that I had no idea what whe liked and did not like when it came to sex.  I had said that it felt like I was "walking on eggs" in that we would be having sex and then things would go awry.  I said that I thought we had a communications problem.

So it was great to see her on top and it was great to hear back from her what was working and what was not.

I slowly ran my hands down her bottom then back and slightly between her legs.  This went on for quite some time and at times I would allow a finger to brush against the inside of her other leg.  I pushed my finger gently under the edge of her undies and gradually closer and then further away.  She encouraged with "thats good", "not too quick" and reminded me of the value of tease that of course I so desire.

I offerred to lick her and her first response was she should have washed and I reassured her that it was all OK.  So off came her undies and I started to lick and within a few seconds she had climaxed.

She relaxed.
Then she rolled ontop of me and strated pushing against me. She came again.
Thats 2 and I have not been insider her yet.
then two more times.
I was hard as and every time she was on top.

Then she said OK I want you inside me now.
She likes me to push in from on top and then we roll over.  We started on this but I could see it was hurting her a little so I rolled us over and she was on top and she worked herself on.  As she was doing this I asked if I would be allowed to cum and she said "we'll see" and that was great. She moved up and down and came again.

Then she relaxed ontop of me and then awoke again and started moving.  I was still hard of course and then she said cum with me.  This caught me by surprise and I was unable to cum before she did. 

She relaxed again.  I thought she had gone to sleep on me but then I felt her tighten herself around my penis. then relax, then tighten.  Each time making me even harder.  Then she started to move.  I was not trying to hold off and she said " come together" and so it was only a few seconds and I came and she came and then re relaxed once again with her lying on top.

Ahhhhhh so good

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just show me where to sign

A big envelope arrived in the mail today.
My wife handed it to me and said "Will you handle this ... just show me where to sign"

The inference was clear.  Firstly I was to spend the time and look into the details and ensure I understood the ramifications but she was the one signing it. 

I of course recognise this as her being in control and yet I doubt if she does.  Mores the pity.  But it is the reality I just wish she 'got it'.  Or maybe she does.  :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it just being nice

When I read blogs about submissive guys most of them involve the guys doing all sorts of house work.

Why? I ask myself.

Personally I like the idea that if I want sex, that I have to work for it.  I find it much more enjoyable if she does not just let me have it. 

I wonder if somehow us guys go through a stage of just wanting to be nice helpful boys?

Mindset is an interesting thing.  I find myself oscillating somewhat.  Sometimes all thoughts are about the idea of submission and then at other times it just does not figure in my thought processes.

On a personal note,
Went camping over the weekend.  Kids and tents are not conducive to sex so there was none.  And surprsingly I am OK with that.  Camping is a good guy thing.  We get to put up tents and make fire.  Even though it's winter here, the sun was out and the beach was warm.  It is also expected that guys cook when camping and that does not leave much for the girls to do and so they lie around on the beach in their swimmers and I am good for that.  There are some romantic duties required that are not that bad such as walking hand in hand at sunset.  :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

just crusin

School holidays here.
No sex yesterday but good memories (very good memories) of the weekend.
Life kind of relaxes in our house during the holidays.
We are pretty strict with our kids during term time.  I kind of dream that my wife would be strict with me but she says "I do not need another child".
In term time we have set bed times, limited TV, no breakfast cerials with sugar. 
In the holidays - kids stay up late watching TV and she buys sugary cerials such as coco pops and fruit loops and we have dessert at dinner time.  Last night there was ice cream.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday Morning Sunday Morning

Saturday morning and I awoke early as usual.
She must have sensed it or maybe my hands wandered.
Anyway she was tired but seemed responsive and one thing lead to another and we had sex.  Some lube and I pushed gently in and then we rolled over and with her on top, she came.  Ahh.  That was nice.
Then she came again.  Ahhh that was good too.

But then I went limp.
Cripes.  Made me feel down.

She like me to cum with her and that had not happened yet.
Getting old?

Gave up.  Lay beside her.  Happy she had cum but feeling low (as opposed to sexually frustrated).
Got up & went and did a fet little things - made breakfast with the kids etc.

Sunday morning we snuggled up together.  She was stroking my penis and it, I was going to say naturally but in light of yesterdays poor showing well I dunno.  It got hard.  Then she said she wanted me to have sex and cum. 

So now I am in a quandry.
Will I perform?
What to do.
I know if I was agressive and went in for a quickie then I would cum.
But what would be more fun would be tease & denial and for her to cum.  Because at the end of all that as any good male would know - I would have had her attention and I would have enjoyed physical stimulation and I would still be thinking sex sex sex.  As men have a tendancy to do unless they have just had sex.
So she is not into tease and denial but she is telling me to cum.
So I think lets try some classroom work.

I imagine a class for married couples for whom marriage has become a bit ordinary.  It would have lessons on all sorts of things but for now imagine that those lessons included lessons on sex.

We have the expert and being somewhat selfconscious, it's just us although a whole class room full of people would appeal to the exhibitionists among us.

Anyway in this class we start with the men being taught to set the atmosphere - the house is clean.  The kids are organised, the bath is ready, the candles are ready (with matches nearby).  The teacher has inspected and approved.  The kinky amongst us picture the dominatrix with her high heels and cane and a white glove dishing out suitable retribution.  Get back to reality.

We then progress to undressing.  The lights are dimmed and the candles lit and the heat is just right.

He reaches over her shoulders and unbuttons.  The teacher standing by coaching both of us on what to do and how to react.  When to just trust and let the other do.  Something my wife needs to learn.  Just relax and trust. What clothes to just allow to drop on the floor and what to fold and place say over the back of a chair.  What to take off ourselves and what to allow the other to take off us.  When to kiss and how.  Gentle or a bit more passionate.

How to sense what she wants to do....
We know what he wants don't we....... yes we do...... Anything and everything...... :)

Here she is coached to do some teasing.
She gently strokes his penis.
The coach tells her to get some lube.  Usually he gets the lube and puts a little on.  She does not like touching it but now she makes the sacrifice.  She recognises that in a marriage they both have to sacrifice.  She puts the lube in her hand and shivvers.  Its ickky.  She runs her hand slowly over his penis.  The lube still cool is ohh so slippery and stimulating.  The coach tells her slow and gentle from right over the head to the bottom of the shaft.  Tease him.  Tighten and then up again and tease and feel.

He is getting really excited.

The coach whispers in her ear and she repeats it in his ear "Don't you cum".

This alomost sets him off.

The coach says to both tell her if you are about to cum.

It's not long before he calls out "stop I'm about to cum".
She freezes and takes her hand off.

"Very good" says the coach.
The coach asks "Are you ready to continue"
"Yes" he says.

The wife starts again.  Feeling that he is not was hard as he was but soon he is hard again.  The coach says to her "try tight at the top and less pressure at the bottom then the other way with less pressure at the top and tighning at the bottom.  Ask him what he likes".

"Remind him not to cum"

It is not long before he is hard again and calling out to stop.

Then she says it is time to move on.  He has had his first reward.

Wipe your hands on the towel he has strategically placed on the bedside table.   Should there be a warm damp cloth?  I think I need that coach too.

This time she is to lie on her back and he is to penetrate her.  The lube is necessary as she has been focussing on him and this does not turn her on. 

(Now I would like to lick her or tease her but I do not know how to trasition this scene from her teasing me to doing that.)

So he (I) get on top and gently push in.  Very gently as this hurts her if I am not really gentle.

The coach tells her.  Tell him when you are ready to roll over.  She (wife) says "Stay on top and go gently in and out a few times"  I do.  I am concetrating on not cumming.

Then my wife says the words I have been longing to hear:"roll over"
We roll over and there is some giggling as we try to do it without me slipping out or becomming caught up in the sheets.

She moved up and down.  Silently the door opens and closes.
She is moving and getting agressive.
My wife is pleasuring herself.
I am concentrating and she calls out "cum with me now"
I trust up and she climaxes and so do I.
She relaxes back on me.

After a few minutes she pulls off and lies beside me.

I wipe myself clean and give her the cloth.
We hold hands under the sheet and doze off.  Oh that was fun.

An our later I arise and go to put the coffee on and have a shower.
There is an envelope on the table.  Opening it there are "home work" instructions for both of us to write a description of what we did and how we felt and confirming next weeks appointment.

Now wouldn't that be just the best marriage councelling