Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Subservient Husband (to a loving wife) Virus warning

Whats the go with Subservient Husband (to a loving wife) I get a virus warning about a javascript Trojan?????

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

She is buying a house

She is buying a house.
Not us or we.  She is.
She wants a holiday house.  She goes to see the real estate people.  She goes to see the bank.  She talks to the accountant. 
Sometimes I get cc'd on an email.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Submission her way

I was away over the weekend with some mates.  Sunday night in bed and I stroke her back to see if she has any interest in sex.  Things progressed well and then she asked if I was still serious about this abstinence thing. 

What I wanted was for her to take a strong position and preferably one in which she had a raging orgasm and teased me but did not let me cum.

She said what she wanted was for us to cum together.

Bugger!.  But my thoughts were OK.  I like the submissive angle and so what I should do is do what she has expressed as her desire and that is that we orgasm together.

So things progressed and we had great sex.   We had a while with her on top and then we moved to me being on top.  She seemed to like that.  For me it is easier to hold off when I am on the bottom.  In the middle there was a fun submissive bit for me where I said I was getting close and she said not to cum that she wants us to cum together. When I was on top it was much harder to hold off and I enjoyed the challenge.  Finally she began to climax and I responded and we both came.

So in the cold light I day I think I did the submissive thing and that was to do what she wanted rather than engage in my personal sexual fantasy.