Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too much sex

Last night my wife said to me that she likes doing things that do not involve sex or talking about sex.

We had just sat together and watched a DVD.  She said that was nice.  She also said that she enjoy it when we go for walks together in the evening.

I asked if she thought we had more or less sex than other people.
She replied that we probably have less sex than average.
Then she said well then you had better put it in me.

I think we have a different definition of sex.

Being chaste is a two edge sword.  On the one hand being chaste means 'no sex' - just what she wants and yet I am of course 'thinking about sex' all the time. 

So for me being chaste is intently sexual and very different to being womanless where sex could not happen. 

BTW we did not end up having sex.  I hope she enjoyed the evening and slept well.  I am of course up and out of bed because if I stayed in bed I would eventyally wake her through snuggling. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Under the weather

I have had a cold the last few days.  This cold comes with a headache.
My beautiful wife has given me several wonderful head massages.
Not sure how this ties into FLM.

On the FLM side, I suggested to my daughter that as she was messing arround this morning doing nothing that she go and get dressed for school.  Ten minutes later she was back in the kitchen still in her PJs.  I suggested that she get dressed in her school uniform only for my wife to say that the uniforms are all in the ironing room.  Oops.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cant sleep

Cant sleep.
Would love sex.
Got up (that being got out of bed)
Have this sort of need to shrug my shoulders feeling that tends to happen but after a few days of abstinance it goes.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Just once a week

Last night (sunday night) we watched a movie together and then went to bed.  I was really turned on and asked for sex.  Yes I know I had made a personal commitment not to.  She said no.  Not tonight.  The discussion continued and was fun.  At one stage I asked how long and she said a week.  Two weeks if I am grumpy.

Be careful what you ask for comes to mind.

There is also a sort of freshness wash over me.  Knowing that I will not be getting release means I can put energy into other things and not get in this incessant loop of expectation leading to frustration.

It is I think also a win - win.  She does not get pressured for sex.  I have to struggle in a fun way to resist the urge.  If we do engage in physical activities, I can enjoy just focussing on her and it is really good for both of us if she cums.  I enjoy lying on my back with her on top and enjoying herself.

Lets see how we go.

Then this morning, we cuddled and she asked how I slept.  I said "pretty good".  she said she was worried I might not sleep well after being denied release.  I said "I will get used to it"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tease and denial

She was out late last night.

I cooked dinner with the kids and cleaned up.

When she came home, she hopped into bed and rubbed my penis.  I rolled onto my front and 'spooned' is that the word her hand and the bed.  At one stage she smacked my bottom a few times. 
I stroked her back and bottom and I asked if she would like me inside her and she said 'no'. 

She said for me to just enjoy what she was doing for me and not to try to turn her on as she was too tired.

I asked if I could put on a plastic bag and cum and she said 'no not tonight'.  smile.

So we continued for a few minutes.  I was hard and she dug her fingernails into my penis which was painful and stimulating.

Then she said "that's enough and don't wake me in the night".

So its early morning and I figured get up or I will wake her wanting sex.
She is sleeping in bed and I am about to go put away the dry dishes and prepare breakfast.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girl with Dragon Tattoo

The wife and I watched the US version of the Girl with the dragon tattoo last night.

From my point of view, and that point of view being a guy with a submissive kink, there was a good FLR aspect to the film that seemed totally lost on my wife.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

to cum or not to cum

What's with that 'not cuming' thing I have to wonder

In his blog subservient husband asks his wife for 1 year of chastity.

I had asked my wife around the turn of the new-year if she was comfortable with a 1 yr chastity duration. After thinking about it for a few days, she responded she was not
yet his wife says nah.
But he has this desire to be chaste and persists and finally she gives in.  You can read all about it on the above link .

I have read various other blogs by submissive guys that echo the same desire to be chaste.

I too have this desire to be chaste.  My wife has indicated that she likes me to cum inside her. 

From my point of view, my holding off gives her the opportunity to cum.  Once I cum, I go soft and I loose interest.  She has no chance.  So with my desire to make life good for her I like to hold off.

But as I mentioned, my wife likes me to cum and cum inside her.

The other interesting part of subservient husband posting is

I accepted her decision, but was a little let down. I felt I was ready to try a 1 yr duration. I could see her point of view though.
So my self imposed desire is to be submissive and yet his first reacion, like mine, is to feel a little down when she is not on board with my idea of "submission".

Another common feature is that his wife, like my wife, is not into punishing.

In the end, it seems like his wife and my wife go along with this to keep us men happy.

Maybe that is all that matters.

I wonder what it would be like, if my wife were demanding a certain behaviour of me and that I was not on board with it.  Would I feel stressed, angry?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun sex sunday

After a fun but sexually tense Saturday my wife let me cum on Sunday morning.  Early before church and the kids were still sleeping.  She said she wanted me on top and she wanted me to cum. 

We discussed holding off and it just being for her pleasure.  She said she still wanted me on top.  I asked about putting on two condoms and she said "if you must".  This was not a good response fo rme to hear but I guess I was not listening to her.  So I put them on and put on some lube and pressed gently in.  We moved together and then she said to roll over.

We rolled over and continued and then she said OK back with you on top.  I think she needed to time on top to get turned on.  The with me on top we kept going and she came.  I was so turned on.  I lay on top and asked if I was too heavy and she said no. just comforting.

I felt her tightening on my still erect penis.  I was very turned on.  I started to move inside her again.  She said "I really want you to cum".  I said I had better take the condoms off.  She said "Do you think you could come with them on?".  I said "right now I could I am so ready".  She said "I want you to come now with the condoms on".  So it took only a few more seocnds and we came together.

Then lay beside each other and went back to sleep.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

6 days and a light smack

My wife was out at a function she organised last night. 
She got home at 11pm to a clean house.
Kids in bed sleeping.
Dishes done.
Lounge tidy.
Husband had had a nap and was awake and sociable when she arrived.  (typically I fall asleep during the evening)

I lay in bed.  She had a quick shower.  When she came into the bed room from the shower she was naked and carrying the leather belt (everything else had been put in the dirty laundry basket).  She playfully slapped it down on me and said roll over.  Then a few more smacks with it.

Then she got into bed.  I have to confess I would have enjoyed more but the real nice part about this was that I had not asked, cajoled or anything.  We cuddled.  I was turned on.  Would loved to have had sex but have made a personal commitment to myself to not ask for sex or even raise it as a subject and see if she gets some libido back.

Got up early this morning.  To avoid wishing too much for sex, went to the gym.

She is currently sleeping.

Friday, February 3, 2012

5days abstineance

Kind of at that fun point of tension and excitement.

Motivates me to do things for her.
Have to watch I do not get grumpy.

A two edged sword.

At work I think about her constantly.
At home, I make sure I do not sit in front of the TV or computer and that I do get on with washing and cleaning and being ready to help her.  Last night I was able to help her with a computer issue which was great because I am good with computers, I like them and my actions helped her. Plus we were sitting together which we both liked.  After she said she had enjoyed that time together.  win win.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its all about the man

Philosophical musing.

I wonder if guys become submissive in order to get attention from their wives?
That is their motivation to do things for their wives is a selfish motivation becuse they seek acknowledgement and validation of their existance.

When I read other blogs by submissive guys it seems that this is a possibility.

When I read blogs by sumbissive females it is different.  It seems that they genuinly sacrifice for their husband / male partner.  (Restricting musing to hetrosexual relationships here)