Friday, June 20, 2014


The marriage has been going through a rough patch.  Well I have anyway.  Feeling quite down and abandoned from time to time and those times becoming more frequent and more down when they do happen.

Yesterday was of that time.  Felt down.  Had a brief conversation with the wife about how I felt in particular how she basically seems to get her energy elsewhere and has basically abandoned me. Went to bed early.  Surprise when she came into the bed room and told me to roll onto my tummy.  She pulled off my boxers and proceeded to push the butt plug that has lain un used in the bed side table for probably more than 6 months maybe even a year.  Then she pulled on a pair of my plastic pants on to me.  Then she had me sit up and wrapped cling wrap round my chest.  Then she told me to lie on my front and she retrieved the cane that has again sat unused behind the dresser and caned me a few times.  Sometimes on my bottom across the plastic and sometimes on the top of the back of my legs.  Some hardish and some just many quick whacks.  Then she stopped and ran the tip of the cane up between my legs.

I went from feeling depressed to energised.  From flaccid to aroused hard on.  From sleepy to awake.


I asked if I would be allowed to cum and she said "maybe".  Wow.  Teasing.

Then she has me sit up and she put some of those black springy paper clips Bulldog clips? on my nipples that were under a layer of plastic.  Cripes that hurt.  She tried that a couple of times then said that that would make it hard for me to lie of my front so she took them off and had me lie on my front again.

Then she caned me some more.  Harder than before.  Then she said I was to rub myself until I came.  I started to hump the bed in my plastic pants.  She caned me and then stopped and got a couple of clothes pegs and reached around and put them on my nippled and then caned me some more and then with one hand giving small smacks with the cane and her other hand running her hand up between my legs and feeling my legs, pushing the butt plug through the plastic pants and squeezing my penis (yum) and balls (agh ow).  Then a few more really hard hits with the cane and I came.

She came round her side of the bed and got in and turned off the light.  We held hands and I also ran my hands across her shoulder and leg on my side in a kind of non invasive way and asked if I could do something for her.  She just said no this was my night.  That in a way was the only negative to what was a very stimulating experience.

Today (next morning) I am feeling very much better than the last few days where I was quite down.  I am feeling alert and awake and positive and at work ready to go.