Sunday, March 27, 2011

Butt plug

Last night I asked

"why don't you put the butt plug in me"

And you answered the question.

You said something along the lines

"because it's uncomfortable" or perhaps you said "annoying"

I do not recall exactly what you said but it was along those lines.

How do you know it's uncomfortable.

So what if it is uncomfortable or annoying anyway.

You have put in in me once or twice in the past. Did I say it was uncomfortable or annoying?

Our love life is as much about listening as anything else.

I think you think it might be annoying if you were wearing it and so you do not put it in me because of what you think it would be like for you.

I think you would find it annoying or uncomfortable because you would approach it from that perspective anyway and what I don't know is how we get past that. Becuause whatever is causing you to approach it from that perspective is the same blockage that is causing you to see almost anything sexual as annoying or uncomfortable, or abusve, whatever.

So let me be quite clear

My memories of when you put it in me in the past are good memories. Maybe it was uncomfortable or annoying. I do not remember. I do remember a good experience though.


so what if it was annoying or uncomfrtable. For me that would be a much a turn on as it would be a turn off. Trying to deal with the conflicting feeling, the feeling of frustration. Do I want to wear it 24/7. No. Would I wear it 24/7 - only if you asked (read told / made) me do it. What I would like to do is try it, talk about it and try it again and talk about it again. Maybe 1 minute, maybe 1 hr maybe 1 day. Who knows and at this time who cares.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Immovable cold rock

You have no idea about what turns me on.
I would love to talk and open up to you but everything that turns me on you see as abusive or wrong or something.
You are a rock. Immovable.
You are so concerned with righteousness that you do not get turned on.
You look at me and you see wrong. You see something to be resisted, blocked, fixed.

I try to make space for you but you do not move into it. You are a rock. You are imovable.
You get your fulfilment from your girl friends, your work, your voluntary activities, your kids.

But your husband, well...... he just does not do it for you. And that really does not matter.

You do not communicate. You do not talk. I have absolutely no idea how to turn you on. I live in this silent world of attempting. Your resonse to me is the silent treatment.

I would do anything for you. Sounds pathetic. I guess that is what you see. I am pathetic. I can not excite you my wife. I can not interestest you. I put money in the bank and I drive the kids. I am a taxi driver and I guess taxi drivers don't do it for you.

Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend away

On Saturday my wife said to me "go pack an overnight bag"
I was interested. Things have been pretty ordinary recently.
We drove into town to a hotel. She had booked a room.
Dropped off a bag and went shopping. She bought a new top.
Back to the hotel and changed into more formal clothes.
A beautiful evening at a nice restaurant.
Back in the hotel room she undressed slowly and I stimulated her. She was moving against my finger and it felt good. Then she pushed me onto my back and started rubbing herself. It was great to watch.
She came and lay down beside me and went to sleep.
I was so hot.

In the morning we had sex and I got to cum.