Saturday, March 26, 2011

Immovable cold rock

You have no idea about what turns me on.
I would love to talk and open up to you but everything that turns me on you see as abusive or wrong or something.
You are a rock. Immovable.
You are so concerned with righteousness that you do not get turned on.
You look at me and you see wrong. You see something to be resisted, blocked, fixed.

I try to make space for you but you do not move into it. You are a rock. You are imovable.
You get your fulfilment from your girl friends, your work, your voluntary activities, your kids.

But your husband, well...... he just does not do it for you. And that really does not matter.

You do not communicate. You do not talk. I have absolutely no idea how to turn you on. I live in this silent world of attempting. Your resonse to me is the silent treatment.

I would do anything for you. Sounds pathetic. I guess that is what you see. I am pathetic. I can not excite you my wife. I can not interestest you. I put money in the bank and I drive the kids. I am a taxi driver and I guess taxi drivers don't do it for you.


  1. My man, get thee to the seduction community.

    Assuming that is, that this isn't some sort of strange poem and flight of fancy.

    If you make a good faith effort, and she doesn't respond, it's on her, not you.

    Even a sub can be a man.


  2. Sometimes you are such a total jerk. She is telling you what she wants...she had you pack up and go away didn't she? She obviously wants more privacy to express her new sexual feelings. Also, all you seem to do is bitch at her about what she is NOT doing, how about some positive re-enforcement? Some romance????? I can't believe she doesn't just blister your bottom on a daily basis until you become less selfish!....scm