Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A refrehing tingly bottom

I sit here this morning with a tingly bottom.

The result I must say with a smile of a whipping in bed last night.

Regular readers would know that I am a bit of a moody person and more often than I should I bemoan life.  Well a positive post today.

So last night could have gone pear shaped.  She was out at a meeting all evening and by about 9:30 I could sense that frustrating feeling creeping into my mind.  Eventually she came home.  The kitchen, luckily I think, was cleanish.  Complements more of the kids than me but none the less it was lets say OK.  I think too she sensed that perhaps I was in need of attention.  Anyway, whatever the reason, we were soon in bed.  Both pretty tired. 

I figured if she would not initiate anything then I would.  So I tickled her.  A nice giggle at first but it was not long before the tone in her voice saying "no" "stop" said to me "stop she is not enjoying this".  So I did.  Feeling frustrated and annoyed that she just does not seem to get into any active bedroom antics/

We lay in bed staring at the ceiling and had a discussion.  I was trying hard not to loose self control and get petulant.  I said at one stage words in effect inviting her to cane me or whip me.

She said "OK  Roll Over"
So I rolled onto my front.  I asked if I could put on a plastic bag.  Basically a plastic bag with a little baby oil in it over my penis.  Simulating and no mess.
So I lay there on my tummy in my boxers and bare back/chest.  (It's summer and hot here)
She got the electrical flex out of the bedside table and began to whip me on my boxers.

Wow.  Shocks of pain
Not hard in the sense of leaving weals and welts.
But painful.

I asked if I could cum and she said yes.  But I actually had difficulty reaching orgasm.  Getting old I guess.  She alternating between whipping and running the whip over and between my legs and back.

Then she used her hand to pull my boxers legs up like short shorts.  I find that very stimulating.  Possibly a reminder of my youth when at times I used to wear very short shorts.  Just the fashion of the time.

A few more lashes and some touching and that was the stimulation I needed to cum.

Ah so relaxing then and still refreshing now.

So now I sit here at work with a tingly bottom and feeling alert and awake.

I muse how ones perspective affects the outcome.  I feel alert and awake but had this been forced on me then I am sure I would have felt something different.  Depression?.  I and others got the cane at school.  Occasionally.  It was just one of the punishments that happened.  I never felt bad about it.  Fair cop would have been my response I think.  Fear while waiting.  Kind of feeling glad its over.  Possibly enjoying the 15 minutes of fame and attention displaying my strips to the other boys in toilets.  I suspect that if a child were caned now, they would have a much harder time of it.  They and others would see it as abuse and somehow that makes it harder to deal with.  It lingers as a negative thought.

Anyway enough of that philosophising.  I had better do some work.

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