Friday, July 22, 2016

The old sub introspective

I wonder if the sub male in me is simultaneously trying to accomplish:
a) Satisfy the sex drive and
b) Not wanting to take responsibility for anything or at least anything that requires too much serious thought or that has any significant consequences.

There is a certain calmness when one has no responsibility.  A could not give a s**t.

getting back to (a) "satisfying the sex drive does not necessarily mean getting an orgasm.  One can do that with ones hand.  But what a unsatisfying orgasm that is.  I think it is wanting to have an intimate connection with someone who cares and shows they care.

1 comment:

  1. 'There is a certain calmness when one has no responsibility. A could not give a s**t.'

    I would think as a true submale it should be the opposite; all you want to do is please her.
    Don't give a rip is just kind of lazy and selfish, (only for yourself - iresponsibility) rather than dedicated and committed to her and her needs, (only for her - responsibility).
    It will take some effort.
    The same old anonymous one