Wednesday, September 14, 2016

no orgasm for almost 2 weeks

Almost 2 weeks now.


  1. Sorry, man. I think?

    I had a great orgasm 1 week ago and it takes me a few days to build the horniness back up. Spoke to my wife last night, telling her I really needed to play because it's been a week since I've got an erection. She said, no, you were hard when we cuddled last night. She's right. When I am physically close to her, I tend to get an erection. Feeling her boobs and butt, I get hard. But it's different than her physically stimulating me, and being vulnerable and naked and her intentional about enjoying arousing me.

    I tend to get depressed if I don't get that feeling after a few days. I don't *need* and orgasm, but I do need the arousal and vulnerability related to sex. And it's much more fun when she climaxes.

    1. I agree much more fun when she orgasms. I get into a lovely head space when she takes charge. In the past when I've tried to take charge, it has just lead to frustration and anger.

      For me these days the best sex is when there has been some flirting and tease on her part. It shows interest in me I think. Then she will get me on top to enter her and then tell me to roll over and she will orgasm with me hard and in her and me on my back. It's especially fun is she then tells me to not orgasm.

      I don't want to never orgasm but some tension is fun. keeps me thinking of her and it shows she has been thinking of me.