Friday, September 30, 2011

It may be back on again

Last night we were having sex.
She knew I wanted sex and we had had sex twice last weekend and she had orgasmed both times and both times it was with her on top at that point.

She asked me to be on top 'to start with' and I asked if she would like me to use some lube and she said 'no'.  I was not sure what to make of that so I tried to be very gentle as I pushed in.  She I think finds this part hard and painful a bit anyway as she screws up or tenses her face.  Anyway after I was in I asked if she would like to rollover so I was on the bottom and she was somewhat noncomittal so I just rolled us over.  Now she was on top.

She began to move and I decided I would try to hold off cumming the first time so I would remain hard if she wanted to cum a second time.  She was more animated than she had been for a while and it required a lot ofrestraint on my part but she came and then relaxed on top of me and I found that very rewarding.

After a while I said to her "what do you reckon about me abstaining for a while"
she said "what would that achieve"
I said "i'ts a challenge, learning self control, focussing on you, not getting into a cycle of expecting sex and then getting grumpy when it does not happen".
We discussed this a bit longer and then she said "Starting when?  Right now?"
And I said "gotta start sometime".
She said "OK" and lifted herself off me.

We lay there in bed with arms around each other.
Then she said "Go and get me some aloe vera from the pot plant on the verandah"
so I did. 
She anounced she was going to read in bed.  This is something that usually really annoys me.
After a while I asked if she had thought about how long she would have me abstain for.
She said "we will see how you are going in two weeks  then we may do it and then try for three or at the two week point we may just extend it to three"
I was so turned on.
The fact that she engaged in the conversation, the tease of not knowing whether 2 or 3 weeks.

I then asked her to whip me if I become grumpy or pushy or especially if I am anoying in bed and grope her or anything like that.

So now I am feeling great.  Turned on of course.  But quite clear headded.

Lets see how we go.

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  1. So you should have used more lubricant? Sounds like it if she needed aloe??