Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Using my tongue

It has been a while since I posted anything.  I guess I still hanker for some edgy sexy submissive stuff.  Actually I hanker for some edge to our pretty mundane relationship.

My mind though is never far from thinking about it and there seem to be regular encounters that I sexify or subify. 

We had a night out with friends last Friday night.  Middle aged clubbing if you can call it that.  A few drinks and a dinner at a central city pub and some dancing to a far too loud band.  Around midnight while waiting to cross the road a young (lets say 19yo) girl who had had rather too much to drink and being escorted by a slightly less inebriated young man accosted a kilt wearing middle aged scottsman and demanded that the boyfriend take a photo of her with the well dressed scottsman.  Someone in the watching crowd said she just liked me in kilts.  Someone else called out to the boyfriend that he had better watch out or she will have him in dresses.  To which she laughed and said "We (note the we) have already decided that he is getting a kilt".  My heart fluttered for the boy.

In another area of my life I car pool taking kids to school.  One of the mum who normally drives as part of this is going to be away for a week.  She is getting so over involved in organising what will happen while she will be away.  She is making her husband (who normally goes to work early) stay late some mornings to ensure that the kids get out of bed and get dressed.  She is quite open that she does not trust him to do it right so she is organising her mother to come two days and another mother  from the car pool group for the other 3 days to, get this, bring her own kids over and supervise breakfast that the husband will cook so that ring in mother can ensure that they all get up get their school uniforms on and get to school on time.  She said "If I don't organise this, he (her husband) will go to work at the usual time and the kids will sleep in till lunch time and forget to go to school".  I just smiled to myself .  She is dominant but also very untrusting.  But it was kind of kinky in a way the way the husband effectively had a baby sitter to supervise him.

And now onto more intimate things. - Sex with my wife

Last night into bed around 10:30.  Wife had bought a new nightie.  For me not really sexy.  Spaghetti straps and too long.  Just me I guess.  I would have preferred puffy sleeves and shorter and flouncier.  But it was she who had bought it.

We began with a bit of touching and she rolled onto her front and I stroked her bottom and kissed her shoulders.  This was looking good.  Over a week since my last orgasm.  A short conversation about me licking her and she asks if she should get a washer and clean her self down there. I dismiss that. I rolled her onto her back.  Took off her undies and started to use my tongue.  She got more and more turned on.  I was hard and excited.

In the middle of all of this she asked if there were things I wanted to do.  By now with my tongue inside her I was in a submissive mind space.  I said things like for her to whip or cane me for her to cum but make me hold off. 
She seemed on the edge for ages.  I got up and lay on top and slipped in.  She was so wet and turned on.  Different from usual where she is disinterested and dry and we end up using lube.  No lube this time.  We roll so I am on my back as experience has shown that she is much more likely to orgasm this way.  I am hard and focused.  Focused on her Cumming.  Its a funny thing sex.  In a way so selfish.  At one level only I experience my orgasm but at another level I get great satisfaction when she orgasms and so by holding off orgasm myself even though that requires concentration on my part, on balance it allows more focus to be put on her enjoyment.  My movements, and places my hand goes are all chosen to try and maximize the potential for her to orgasm.

She came and then lay on top of me.  Because I smell of her I don't think she wanted to tongue kiss me.  Quite understandable.  We lay there for a while.  I was still hard and turned on.  A few times I thrust and that was very stimulating.  I was in a way hoping she would tease and say "that's it for tonight" but she didn't.  We rolled over and I thrust and came.

Then we drifted off to sleep.

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  1. I think you should have just told her, when you were hoping she would say that you couldnt cum tonight, that you wanted her to tell you that you couldnt cum yet, that you had to wait. So, im thinking next time just say "I want you to make me wait till tomorow or the next day. Dont let me cum yet. Not tonight.". Now, yes, you are telling her what to do, but you are also letting her know that this is what you want. Women often worry that that would be mean to do to their boyfriends and husbands. but if you let her know its ok, then it may open the door for her to say this to you on her own whenever she wants.