Monday, November 18, 2013

"No" sounds so good

Last night we were in bed together and in retrospect she was giving direction a bit more than usual.  She said she was going to roll onto her tummy so I could stroke her back.  At one stage she said to touch gently on the back of her legs and bottom.  She got turned on and I moved my hand inside her undies.  She came with me rubbing her with my fingers. 

Then we lay cuddled.  I was wondering where this would lead.  Then she started to drift off to sleep.  Now if we were in a overtly fem dom male sub mode then I would be very happy with that but we have been in a malaise for a while.  I could feel myself getting angry or at least annoyed.  When she gets like this I just think she is being lazy when it comes to the relationship or at least the intimate sexual part of it. 

Luckily after a while she awoke and the physical touching started again and she said "take you pants off".  She started to suck me.  very very stimulating.  Then she took her panties off and got on top.   I was getting in a sub headspace and she tried to push on but she was too dry.  Then she got some lube and put it on and rubbed me.  Long and slow.  Oh so turned on.  Then she got on top again and pushed on.  She started to move and it soon became clear that she was stimulated.  There is a difference in the rhythm or something.  So she was moving and on top and I was turned on and mildly at least in a sub head space.  I then asked if I could come.  I fully expected her to say that we should come together.  She surprised me by saying you just came a few days ago I am sure you can wait a bit longer.

I almost shot my load in surprise.

"How long are you going to wait" I enquired.

"do you think you can wait until ..... (weekend away planned for about 3 weeks time)..."
"wow that would be so hot" I said too quickly.
then I rabbited on saying she could whip me and so on.  Not sure if that was a good thing or too much of an over reaction.  I also mentioned how much I had enjoyed my last period of abstinence back at the start of the year and how turned on I had got reading the forum where the catholic (I think) wives were discussing helping their husbands deal with extended periods of abstinence and I mean here these people only have sex when they want to conceive and so the men have to go years without orgasm. 

On that, the up side for the guy was increased and deliberate intimacy by the wives.

so we wait and see how we go over the next week or so.


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