Friday, December 6, 2013

I am too emotional

This week my wife has been and still is very busy with things. 

I feel ignored.

A few nights ago I said to her that in the middle of all this busyness it would be nice if she could put aside a few minutes for some intimate time in the bed room.  I said that what we would do would be up to her.  If she wants a massage or orgasm for her or if she want to cane or whip me.  So I guess a little topping from the bottom going on here. 

Anyway I was feeling ignored and to a degree took things into my own hands.  I have a fetish for plastic.  So I put on a pair of plastic pants.  Plastic right against my skin.  I do not know why I find this nice.  Its is relaxing.  Stimulating.  I just wore them for several hours while I did a few tasks.  Then when it was time for bed I kept them on and put my boxers over the top.

My wife was busy on her computer organising things.  I went to bed and lay there.  Not expecting anything but feeling a combination of naughty excitement, relaxation, and annoyance that she is too busy.

She came into the bed room and lay beside me and rubbed her hand over my bottom and of course felt the plastic under my boxers.  Then she gave me attention.  My love language is physical touch.  At this stage I was not hard.  She pinched my nipples.  She knows this gets me hard and she rubbed me through the plastic which because of sweat was now quite slippery.  I was turned on.

She got up and said roll over onto your tummy.

She got the electrical flex out of the bed side table and whipped my bottom.  Cripes it hurt but at the same time I loved it.

I am just weird hey.

She went round the other side of the bed and gave me another about 10.  They hurt.  I said to her she could try on the top and back of my legs on the bare skin.  Cripes that hurt.  I was writing up and down humping the bed.  It was both stimulating and a way to dispel the pain at the same time.  I asked if I could cum and she said yes.  As she whipped I humped and came and just exploded in waves of pleasure.

I lay back exhausted.

She disappeared back to her organising.

I fell asleep.

The next morning I got up very early, still in the messy plastic pants.  Quietly had a shower.  Went to work.  Her and my days are several hours different.  I am an early morning person.  She is a night time person.

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