Friday, November 22, 2013

whipping punishment and reward

I got grumpy last night.  Sulky.
As I write this, I have momentarily forgotten why.
In bed, still feeling moody but calmed down.
I said to her that she should punish me for being grumpy and she said OK get the cane.  I said you can use the electrical flex if you like and she said OK get that.
I switched on my bed side light, got it and gave it to her and I lay face down in my boxers on the bed.  She whipped me about ten time.  Cripes it hurt.  Then she started to just stroke my legs and back with it.  I real mix of the punishment with teasing.  Then a few more unexpectedly.  Then she finished.

I put the chord back in the bed side table draw.  We hugged and kissed.  I thanked her.

We lay back.  Hand in hand.  It was nice.  It was not long before I could tell she was asleep. Regular breathing.  I though was wide awake.  Mind alert.  I am conscious that I have a tendency to get moody.  many times I have gotten sulky because she falls asleep in bed.  So I am having to mentally put myself in a place to avoid that.

I ponder that the whipping was like both a punishment and a reward.  It hurt and it was in the context of having gotten moody and being punished for it but also I find that the pain helps to clear my mind.  I know it is not politically correct but it does.  Its almost like an aspirin or a coffee in waking me up and clearing the mind.  Or even exercise.

I then thought a scary thought.  I would like her to tie me face down to the bed.  I would like her to whip me really really hard.  I want it to be so hard that I scream.  I want her to not stop whipping me when I scream.  Weird hey.  I know that when it is happening I will be regretting it.  I will be wondering why I was so stupid to ask for it.  I will be wishing it to be over.  I know it will hurt and hurt a lot.  But still that is something I dream or fantasise about.  Weird hey.


  1. It sounds like you are frustrated by topping from the bottom as far as the pain and bondage are concerned. Would she be open to a lovemaking session where being tied and beaten are simply on the agenda, seperate from behavior or punishment? If you are asking for and getting punishment, then it is not really punishment. I think we all struggle with wanting things we may regret in the moment we are getting them.

  2. Looks like you are a pain slut like many of us submissive to our Mistress. Next time beg her to go further she won't volunteer

    Panty Slave

  3. I guess I am a pain slut and yes a degree of frustration. That's life I guess.

  4. Always scary to ask for a whipping... hah. But fun. You know you liked it :)

  5. What two weeks and no more whippings. My condolences how your arse must be craving for punishment by now.