Wednesday, September 24, 2014

over a month abstinant

Over a month without orgasm.
On the one hand I cant stop thinking about sex.
About her.
About how different men and women are.
How we see sex in every situation.

For example as a family we watched the movie the Goonies on TV a few nights ago.  Basically this group of kids having an adventure running from bad guys through underground tunnels.  One character is a girl who is wearing a white miniskirt and a few times you see her undies.  For me amazingly erotic.  I mentioned to my wife and she just dismissed it saying the girls character was a cheerleader.


  1. One month?! You're going crazy over that? You have a LONG way to go, my friend.


    1. Ah yes. But I love the struggle. I should say its a love hate thing. I want sex. At the same time I want to not give in. At the same time I want her to enjoy sex and that I know only happens if we take it slooooow. In a way I am enjoying crazy.

  2. Before my FLM, I would cum 5 times a week. Sadly, 4 out of 5 (sometime 5 out of 5) would be because I would masturbate in the shower. Now, I get a "real" orgasm every 45-60 days or so, with occasional ruined orgasms or milkings in between. I couldn't be happier, I couldn't possibly be hornier and I couldn't desire my Mistress Wife any more than I do now.

  3. Did your month of abstinence involve your wife getting some and you being denied? That's hot. Letting life get in the way, and not having intimate times, that is depressing to me. I have gone about 30 days a few times. It's pretty tough when you are teased and denied and your wife comes. After about 10 days, I think of sex constantly.

  4. This 30 days was a bit ordinary.
    The best time was last year when we went 40 odd days but during that time we would practice with me wearing two condoms and not cuming but still being inside her and she cuming. It seemed to me that she had mor orgasms in that 40 days than in several years leading up to it but then she just switched off and it all came to an end.