Thursday, September 25, 2014


I keep relearning that I think Men and Women have a different perspective on the idea of "submissive".

I fantasise about my wife giving orders and reinforcing dominance with a whip.

I think when it comes to submission, she sees it differently.  She wants me to submit without the force.

The question of orgasm control and chastity came up.
She would say things like "This is what you want" and "I do not want to be your mother"

I personally think neither of us associate submission with weakness or girlieness.  By that I mean that sometimes I come across blogs where the submissive man is put in women's panties, tights, skirts and so on. 

I think what she wants is for me to be physically strong and fit. To be happy positive. 

The idea of submission I think equates to looking after her.  Going with her when she organises things but being willing and competent to organise things for her.

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  1. Makes a lot of sense, I think. Submission as the default rather than something she has to fight for. I think with the chastity, you need to find the right angle.