Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Thoughts

Friends (relationships) are the most important things.

In order of intimacy I would list things as follows:
Spanking is very intimate
Kissing on the lips is intimate
Vaginal Sex.
Holding Hands
Hug (least intimate but still reassuring)

It is nice to live in a pretty free society where subs can choose to be sub as opposed to say in the past where women were oppressed into a submissive position in society.


  1. I like your little list. Mine is similar except my first thing on the list would be worshipping her body.

    Happy Easter brother sub.

    1. I guess what does "Worshiping her body" mean?

    2. For me it means placing soft, warm kisses all over her body while she stands before me while I'm kneeling. She also loves to lay naked in bed and tells me to give her those same soft warm kisses all over her body. The act itself, her smell and the soft moans that come from her mouth make it all worthwhile. It is true worship as the feelings of desire, submission and love just fill inside me.

  2. This is a really nice list indeed, I also agree with sub hub in phx about worshiping...

  3. Hi sub hub in phx, I like your description. It is very sensual.