Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Start the day ironing

She had some paperwork and emails to send this morning.

I ironed the kids school uniforms.
Helped with getting school lunches.
Put the bins out.
Organised kids to feed pets.
Drove the kids to school.

Ironing is not my thing but it is one of those chores that are more easily done in a submissive headspace.


  1. And when she is busy you should help her. Some clothes need to be ironed. I like your statement about not being spineless or brainless. I don't think most men are that follow a FLR. It's just their way of being closer, being more helpful, and showing more respect. Besides it's one great way to release stress. After a bare bottom session with her showing her skills at using implements I'm the most relaxed person around.

  2. But then again, I am a feminine sissy to my superior wife and I love that as much as you probably love being a masculine husband to your wife! To each his own, but the results -- serving a wife -- are the same!

  3. Stevie, I think I came across wrong. I'm not feminine but do wear panties 24/7. I'm very much her submissive and if she wanted to "dress" me up I'd accept it. She controls when and how we have sex my job is to please her. She spanks me for punishment, maintenance and because she just feels like spanking me. She also loves to use her strap on and takes me until she has a climax. She does not always want a climax but at least once a day my head is between her legs licking her. I would guess the only difference between us is the clothing. and you are right to each his own.

  4. Thanks guys. Its great that you have lined up so well with your partners.