Monday, March 12, 2012

48hrs in plastic pants

So Late Friday night I am in bed.
Except for when I was in the shower, I had worn plastic pants continually for 48 hrs with the plastic against my skin.  It would get quite slippery inside.  Very stimulating.  Not being allowed to cum made it a big turn on.

I was so turned on.
My wife then let me cum but I had to keep the pants on till morning.
That actually was hard.  Not the cumming bit but once I had cum, I loose interested and it just becomes a frustration.  In hindsight fun but at the time anoying.  :)

An interesting observation on myslef.  While I was denied, I did feel sexual frustration but I also felt good.  Over the weekend I felt a little down.  At one stage I was anoyed with my wife and expressed my anoyance.  I was disapointed in myself.  Just an observation.


  1. This sounds pretty exciting. Yes, I'd like to get the pants off, too. But it's good to learn...

    1. Hi Sometimes spanked.
      Thanks for the comment.
      It is fun when she takes the time to have some fun sexually.

    2. Hi Sometimes spanked,
      Do you have a blog?
      It would be interesting to read about you.