Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Submissive focus

Changing habits can be hard.  Real hard.
In the past, I have often done things by saying maybe even boasting for want of a better word and then having to do it if that makes sense.  Actually when I think back there were a number of occasions as a child, teen and young adult where I would do that.  Like saying to a mate "I'm going to ask her out" then I would have to ask her out (even if she said no).  It was a way of getting over a hurdle of fear.

So now back to changing habits.  That is hard.  Try to change anything and it is so easy to slip back into the way we have always done it.

So I am firstly going to "say it here" - that hopefully galvanises me to do it.

I am going to say for 2 days going to focus on some behaviours.  I figure by limiting the time that I try super hard that I will actually do it and then at the end of the time, some of it may have become more habitual and also I can take a step back and self evaluate.

So what to focus on.
1.  To do one thing specially for her.  (Not a routine chore).
     Day 1.  A bunch of flowers.
     Day 2. 
2.  To do Every chore I can see -  washing and washing up.  All of it including hanging it out, drying, putting away.  Cleaning up.  Tidy up.  Even gardening. 
3. No TV at all.  Not turn it on.  Not watch it if someone else is watching it.
4.  I am actually not going to ask permission for anything.  I think she finds that anoying.  Childish.  Yet from a submissive point of view, I would like her to direct or approve everything.  But for two days I am not going to ask permission for anything.  I will do chores.  Every chore I can find.
5.  No arguing.  No questioning.  If she asks me to do something, I will do it.  Willingly, to the best of my ability and again not ask questions unless there is a real big piece of information missing.  Again what I am trying to do here is to say to her that I will be obedient and that does not have to be a burden to you.  A burden of triviality.
6.  No sex.  No asking for sex.  No hinting.  Suggesting. no begging.  Even though I really enjoy it when she teases, denies etc.  I think she finds this silly.  So for two days I will try and be sexless.  

So I will see how I go.

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