Thursday, March 8, 2012

Plastic pants for 3 days

Last night I had conversation with my wife on the topic of sex.  This is pretty rare and so a real turn on for me.  In days past, I used to masturbate or engage in mutal masturbation with my wife with a plastic bag over my penis and some oil in it for lube. 

I got the impression that she was not interested in sex and somehow the conversation went along the lines of put a plastic bag on and do yourself.  As I was getting the oil I saw a pair of plastic pants of mine.  I asked if I could put them on.  She knows I enjoy the feel of plastic.  She said yes.  So I had a plastic bag with a little oil in it over my penis and plastic pants on.  Hard as a rock.  Put my boxers back on over the top partly to hide them and appear 'normal' and partly because I know she does not really like the feel of plastic and I would like to cuddle up to her.

I lay on the bed on my front and she slid her hand under me so she was touching my penis.  I started to move up and down.  I was getting turned on when she said.  "Not to night"  I asked "what did she mean" and she said "This is what you want.  you want to be made to hold off" 

Aw come on was my immediate reaction.  I was so ready to cum but I did not want to challenge her authority.

Then she said "I want you to wear the plastic pants right through till Saturday night and we will see what happens then"  Three days!.

So I did not get to cum.  Woke up hard and turned on several times during the night.

So here I am at work.  Figured I should write this and then get on with doing work rather than thinking too much about it all day.

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