Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A surprising discussion on castration

We were watching a TV program that mentioned castration and she said that might suit me.  Ahhh yeeesss I said.  Instamtly aroused.

She then said "maybe that would eaqualise our sex drives".

Wooo ? (However you spell that.)

Now my impression of her position when it comes to sex is that she has a low libido and that does not bother her. 

I think she feels an obligation to have sex with me.

When she gets aroused she wants us to orgasm together.  There is something about this together thing that is a long term thing.  But I usually end up either cumming to quickly or if I hold off then she cums and then I get into it and cum later.

She is not into physical pain.  She does not want me to spank her and she does not get aroused by spanking me.

Anyway I digress.

She said look into it.  Wow.
She said she did not want me not to have erections just to not have so much drive.

She said she did not want me to be fat or lazy.

I doubt if she is really serious but it would be interesting to investigate.  A bit scary to actually do it.  But hey.


  1. You could have a discussion on having your bals removed and keeping you cock. You would still get an ocassional half erection. Or go female hormone pills and sligtly feminise your body

    Personally I like the last two together.

  2. More practically... how about experimenting with a male chastity device? If privacy is an issue, you could just wear it at night.

  3. Oh the conversation was along the lines of keeping my penis. I am absolutely sure she does not want me feminised just she is not into sex. She as was I was concerned whether less testosterone would mean less energy for exercise and then get fat and flabby.

  4. Obviously you dont know many tranny people on female hormones. It all depends on you. You would get more curvy and feminin but flabby onlt if yoou are already flabby or you stop exercising. Yes softer but not flabby