Friday, August 8, 2014

A misdirected gift

This morning my wife fondled me and I got hard and then she said to get inside her.  Any mans dream you might think.  I suggested maybe we should roll over so she was on top but she said no that this was just for me to enjoy.

Of course an orgasm is great.  Its fun and relaxing.
But...... its over in an instant.
Tease followed by no orgasm lasts all day.

The sad thing is that she really does not get that.  She really is not kinky and I think she genuinely thinks she was doing something nice for me.  I suspect that if she and her girl friends were sitting round the coffee table the consensus would be that this sort of sexual indulgence would be considered magnanimous.  A treat.  A sacrifice.  A very traditional present I would say.

So there you have it.  She has done what she thinks is nice and yet I am left thinking well OK she made an effort but a somewhat misdirected effort.  I feel she does not listen to me.  Hearing without listening.


  1. You need to tell her. You need to make her understand your constant state of desire is what you crave and that is a benefit to her as well. My Mistress hardly ever allows me a full orgasm. They are almost exclusively ruined orgasms now, and even those are few and far between

  2. I would be absolutely mortified to know my sub was keeping this kind of thing in a public journal. Even if I was a "vanilla" woman, if I knew my husband who claims to support me was airing private laundry and dismissing even my most FAILED attempts to do something nice, I would be vehement. You claimed to wish to become less selfish, and then complain when you are not titillated correctly. I just do not understand. I am unfollowing.

    1. I guess a good reason for her not to know as I have no desire to distress her. The reason I have this blog is that it is a place for me to unload, to think aloud and to solicit feedback. It of course relies on the anonymity of the internet. Thank you though for letting me know that you would be upset at this happening in your relationship.