Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Submission her way

I was away over the weekend with some mates.  Sunday night in bed and I stroke her back to see if she has any interest in sex.  Things progressed well and then she asked if I was still serious about this abstinence thing. 

What I wanted was for her to take a strong position and preferably one in which she had a raging orgasm and teased me but did not let me cum.

She said what she wanted was for us to cum together.

Bugger!.  But my thoughts were OK.  I like the submissive angle and so what I should do is do what she has expressed as her desire and that is that we orgasm together.

So things progressed and we had great sex.   We had a while with her on top and then we moved to me being on top.  She seemed to like that.  For me it is easier to hold off when I am on the bottom.  In the middle there was a fun submissive bit for me where I said I was getting close and she said not to cum that she wants us to cum together. When I was on top it was much harder to hold off and I enjoyed the challenge.  Finally she began to climax and I responded and we both came.

So in the cold light I day I think I did the submissive thing and that was to do what she wanted rather than engage in my personal sexual fantasy.


  1. What a wonderful experience for both of you. I envy you a bit.


  2. I know what you mean about being on the bottom. I can last soo much longer on the bottom.

    Maybe it is just me, but I can sense the frustration that you have about your wife not taking the reigns as your dominant as much as you want. Without researching your whole site, do the two of you have actual conversations about her accepting that role, or do you live in constant of agonizing hope that she will? Forgive me for asking, but I really like your site and just wanted to be brought up to speed.

    I wish you all the best my submissive husband brother.!!!

  3. We sort of have conversations. She read a book about a submissive. (Forget its name right now. Something like the real 50 shades) and that helped clear the air and she was willing to discuss that I am submissive. She though takes the position that neither of us should be in charge or 'dominate' the other. Yet at the same time that is what she in effect does. She organises the schedule, decides the menu, organises the social side, decides on furniture, kids clothes and so on.

    In answer to your question - yes but not to the depth that would be nice. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Why don't you ask your wifes permission to ocassionally meet with a real domme to be piunished and humiliated.

    Panty Slave

  5. Actually she has often said I should go and find someone to fulfil my desires. Why don't I. Probably because of procrastination.

  6. Stop Procasinating and do it. You are a pain slut and just imagine a propper canning from a real Mistress and tghen going home and showing your Wife/Misterss all of your welts. I hope she does not let you have an orgasm for monmthe after. Maybe one day your Wife /Mistress will accompany ytou and learn some more tricks to inflict pain on you.


    1. Ahhh some of what you suggests has some potential. I think she would actually be fine with the go see a real mistress. However I do not think she would like to see the welts. She has expressed concerns about pain. I think that is a pretty natural woman / mother thing. you know they try to protect their kids from injury and I do not think she or most women are aware that there can be anything good about pain.

      And yes maybe if my wife were to meet the pro mistress then maybe she could learn something from her. One can but dream in that regard. With a little shiver of apprehension.

    2. Step one find a misterss Domme and then decide think of the wonderful pain and at lest start looking for a Domme. NOW