Tuesday, October 21, 2014

She is buying a house

She is buying a house.
Not us or we.  She is.
She wants a holiday house.  She goes to see the real estate people.  She goes to see the bank.  She talks to the accountant. 
Sometimes I get cc'd on an email.


  1. Do you find it difficult to accept? To me you sound disappointed.
    Or are you just mentioning it as a statement how well She is acting as the boss?


    1. I do feel a bit down. At an academic level, more than happy for her to have a house, decide to have a house, find the house. I guess more a feeling that the relationship is somewhat numb I think. It would be fine if she was overtly dominant and assertive but its not. I feel that she is simply self centred perhaps. I guess in a nutshell - "why am I here"

  2. I am sorry you're feeling this way.
    I hope after a good night rest you'll think differently. Try to be happy She is taking the lead.
    Keep us posted please