Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Subservient Husband (to a loving wife) Virus warning

Whats the go with Subservient Husband (to a loving wife) I get a virus warning about a javascript Trojan?????


  1. I got that warning too and it kept coming. My anti virus program blocked it constantly. So I removed the blog from my reading list.


  2. Thanks for the update...

  3. Does anyone know what happened to subservient husband? He was so committed to the femdom lifestyle and then "poof". He was too extreme for me, wearing a chastity device for a physical exam? But I really enjoyed his thoughtful writing.

    On a more practical note, I did a "blog cleanup" yesterday, and I know that I am not following that blog title anymore, but those weird porn shots in a foreign language still crop up on my reading list. Anyone know what I need to do about that?

  4. It's really strange what happened about Subservient Husband. He was a real person living in femdom dynamic, he was even in a radio show once talking about his lifestyle. His thougts were inspirational, and he and his wife were so experienced in chastitty lifestyle. He posted quite often and always answer to lot of comments just to share his experiences and and creative thoughts ...and then he dissapear so suddenly without "saying a word" about it ? He was a nice guy it would be not in his style at all. Sory but I am really worried that something bad happend :(