Monday, March 30, 2015

Helping Her

I have been very busy helping my wife with a few of her community projects.  A good chunk of Saturday and from the conclusion of church on Sunday through to 2am (that's right 2 in the morning) and I was helping her on one of her projects.  The last hour was a drive home and she slept most of the way. 

Now she does not overtly like the FLR idea.  She talks about equality.

As I was driving, I thought about this.  I had given up other activities to help her.  The big picture activity was all hers.  All I was was competent engineering support if you like.  I made some of it happen using technical skills that I posses but it really was just helping her.

The point being I had forgone other activities and made space specifically to help her.

I thought back through the years trying to find a time when she had given up time to help me with something.  I could not think of a time.

Now I rather stupidly pointed this out to her when she awoke.  I asked if she could remember a time when she had made time to help me and she couldn't either.  Again at 2am its not really a kind thing to do to point out that she talks about equality but really its do what she wants equality.

Personally I would prefer her to be more overt in the sexual side of the marriage because she already has the non sexual side well and truly take care of.


  1. My Wife is for equality too. But fortunately She allows herself to accept my service in the household. I always let Her take the decisions. So although it is very tame compared with what I read in most blogs about Flrs, it is working for both of us.
    Seems we have something in common.


  2. Wow, this post is really surprising.Sometimes equality is good especially if you work together (business partners, as we do). But I don't see that on I daily basis for me and my slave.

    Hope your wishes come true.