Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy to receive instructions

The wife is away on holiday on her own.
The washing machine died.

We have a front loader and I actually hate it because you can't open the door to add that last item and so on.  So I text me wife and inform her it is broken and she says she's happy for me to sort it out.  I clarify that she is OK that I buy a new one and she says yes.  This left me in a quandry because her text could easily have been interpreted to mean buy whatever washing machine I wanted.  So I considered to go out and buy a new top loader.  But instead I sent back a text to clarify and she said "10kg front loader".

I mused to myself that this is actually fun.  She has now given the specific instructions and even though the detail is at odds with my preferences, I am very happy to make it happen.

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