Monday, February 28, 2011

On my back

Came home at lunch time.
We both lay on the bed naked.
She asked me to come in from on top. Which I did. We had a conversation where I said I felt that given I had been a bit grumpy on Sunday that I should not get to cum.
She rolled us over and started moving on top and then she came and lay on me and relaxed.
Then she said roll over and cum.
I said "are you sure" and she said "that is what I said"
so I did.

At this time, she is "wanting me to be happy" and that is great but what I would love to have is her being happy and teasing me.

It's not that I do not want sex. I do very much.
I really want her to want sex and enjoy sex and for that to happen I need to look after her.


  1. I think She got just what She wanted from you... and She wanted to see you squirt! :)

    I hope She'll make you do some housecleaning in a maid's outfit before you can cum again, though. :)

  2. We would call that a "nooner". We did that a few times, where I would come home for lunch and have a quickie. Very hot. A couple times I was denied, a couple times not. it's hard to compose myself afterwards, either way!