Saturday, February 5, 2011

Maybe its getting going again

The previous two nights I have ended up having a argument with my wife.
Both times I ended up sleeping on the couch.

Last night I said I was sorry and that she should ship me.
She does not like whipping me but she did it anyway.

She is though tesing me with sex.
She has said when I demonstrate self control by not yelling at her then we may have sex or may not.

So here I am turned on. Wanting sex. Been punished.

Actually I would lover her to tie me to the bed whip me and not ask how many or how hard. But that is not in her nature.


  1. i love chastit belt too

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  3. Do not forget that lives FLR, she is the boss. You are a submissive and you're on her will. Leverages that fact to make yourself feel good sexually and have positive thinking beings in one day whipped. Women do not like being pressured