Saturday, February 26, 2011

starting again I hope

This morning she told me to remove my pants and put on some lube then she got on top and worked her self.
I asked if I would be allowed to cum she said maybe.

Then there was some more discussin about how I behave when I do not get to cum and I said what about before christmas.
She said we came every day. The 12 orgasms of christmas.
I said what about the three weeks before when I did not get to cum and that we were both happy. I did not get angry or anything and I did things for you.
She thought about it and said maybe that was true.
I think she has selective memory.
So then I asked if I was going to get to cum and she said "lets see how well you behave for a week"
oooh so turned on.
Then I asked her to whip.
Just came straight out and she did.

Then she went back to sleep.
I got up and did the huge pile of washing up. Made me feel so subservient. so useful. so happy.
Then I cooked breakfast

Now this evening and I have this desire to go and ask her to whip me again.
here's hoping

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