Sunday, February 27, 2011

Evening conversation

So I asked to whip me and she said no.
She said she I had been very good today and she does not like whipping me and whipping should be kept for when I am bad.
OK fair enough.

I snuggled up to her in bed and tried to encourage herto have sex she said "you will be taking a break from cuming for a while and doing it right now would be just too much temptation"

ooohh the frustration already.

It is amazing what is "good frustration" and "bad frustration"
This is "good frustration" being teased, being not allowed to cum.
"Bad frustration" is that she does not "get it".

I would love for her to look me in the eye and lick her lips and then tell me to .....
do whatever - from pleasuring her to cleaning the house.

1 comment:

  1. Glad things are looking up for you. Your last sentence struck a chord with me. I really am turned on when she tells me to do things. It can be as simple as "go hit snooze, I want to cuddle you some more" (which is really common, actually) to "rub my feet" or "make me a cocktail".

    She states that she doesn't really like telling me what to do, that it's not her nature. But she does give those little commands from time to time, which as a sub hub, I like!