Monday, April 23, 2012

Agh lost it!

I am so angry and disapointed in myself.
I felt neglected and let my feelings get the better of me and I spoke to my wife in a frustrated voice and said a few things that were not said in such a nice way.

I do so need her to be strong and discipline me when I do this.  That would help me not speak badly to her and of course make her happier because she would not be on the receiving end.  But alas, as is the case these days, the politicaly correct thing is self control.  But sometimes I am weak and do not have the necessary self control.

I read with envy the sites where the wife activly controls the husband.  To me the fact that she takes the time, puts in the effort speak volumes of her love for her husband.  yes it would be tough and (hopefully) embarrassing at times but there would be a security in knowing I was loved and a calmness that would engulf our relationship.

There you go.  vent over.

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