Friday, April 27, 2012

Its what you want

I awoke this morning.  So hard and so wanting sex.
She had said 3 days with out speaking and hinting and 3 days are over.
I lay in bed.  Should I say anything.  Should I touch her.  Just once.
I figured I would try to stay silent and try to not touch her.

I lay there.

She woke rolled over kissed me on the lips and reached down, touched my penis, kissed me a second time and said "this is what you want".  I asked how long and she said "This has worked so well, it does you good to wait in silence".  I kissed and hugged her again and then she said "lets try it a little longer no mention of sex no groping me and touching me sexually no hinting". 

"for how long I said"

She said "you wanted this and it does you good so don't ask and just wait.  Good things come to those who wait"

Oh god what have I done


  1. I have gone back and read all of your older posts. Isn't it remarkable that it seems you are mainly responsible for it taking so long for your wife to respond and being so impatient and trying to top from the bottom. Hope you enjoy a considerable period of chastity.

  2. Thanks Pantyslave. Lets see how wego.