Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comming home

I have been away for a week and came home late friday night.

I was really turned on and cuddled up to her hoping for sex.
She asked 'have you been good'
to which I replied 'I have'
and she said 'no lapses?'
I was excited because this seemed to be a rare occasion when she engaged on the topic of sex.
I said 'none'
She said its been over a week and I said that I was really turned on.
She said she was too tired to do it tonight.
That immediatly made me feel down.  It was OK I think for her to deny me in a tease way but not just because she was in my view too lazy.  I took a deep breath and asked "when would I be allowed to cum" and she said she had not decided.  Maybe next month.  Thats 10 days away.  Thats what you want and patience is good.
wow I was so hot.  I so wanted sex.
She said "now sleep and lie still all night"
I lay there hard as a rock.

In the morning I snuggled up to her and she put her hand on my penis.  That excited me even more.
She opened the bedside table and got out the lube and handed it to me.  Then she got out of bed and said put some of that on and she went to the toilet.  When she came back she lay on her back and put her legs apart.  I got on top and gently pushed in.

Then she rolled me over.  Usually I have to suggest that she be on top but this time, she initiated it which was another turn on.

She moved and trusted and it took a while and she came.  All the while I was so turned on.  Then she lay on top of me with me inside her. This gives me such a good feeling of satisfaction.  After what seemed an age but was probably only another minute she started to move again and again she came.  Then she lay on top and started to tighten herself around me.  Man that drove me wild.  I started to trust up and she said lie still and I did and she tightened again and she said lie still again and so I did.  Then she started to thrust and she moved more agressivly and I started to thrust and she wispered in my ear " do you want to cum" and I replied "more than anything" and she said "well I have thought about it and it is not this morning"  cripes that almost made me cum right there.  She kept moving.  I was so so close  then I though 'stuff this I just have to cum and I started to thrust harder'  she said "don't you cum".  I regained self control and she came and we lay there with her on top.

Then she pulled off and said "that's enough for today"
That was yesterday and I am still rock hard.

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