Wednesday, April 25, 2012

oh oh oh

I am an emotional beast.  I swing between really really wanting to be submissive to being fruistrated and at other times regretful and anoyed and wishing for this and that.

So I am on 3 days punishment for speaking harshly to her.

Today is Anzac day.  A public holiday here in Australia to remember our fallen soldiers.

After getting up early to attend marches and so on, we were both tired.  So we lay down for a mid afternoon nap.  I was as you would expect turned on and keen but also mindful both of my wish to be submissive and her directive to not mention sex and me not wishing to push the issue.  So I lay there and actually slept then I felt her snuggle up to me. 

She too my hand and placed it on her bottom.  She was wearing short shorts and they were reasonably tight and very sexy.  Then she started to move and and gradually moved my hand onto the cuf of her shorts so I could feel some skin along with the material.  Then she said to try to get my finger inside her  even though the shorts were pretty tight.  I managed this and before long she orgasmed.  Ahhh she said and went back to sleep.

Boy was I hard as but I kept saying to my self.  "say nothing".  "Stay silent".  "obey"

I could not sleep.  I just lay there.

Half an hour later she woke up and cuddled up to me again.  Then she said take your pants off and take mine off and put it inside me.  So I struggled with her shorts because they were tight but soon they were off.  Her panties just slipped off easily and mine were off in a flash.  She handed me the lubricant and I put some on. 

She lay back on her back and spread her legs apart.  Man what an invitation.  I was so hot.

I got on top.  Used my arms and legs to keep for squashing her and gently ever so gently pushed in.  Little gentle pushes.  A bit further each time.  It took all my concentration not to just slam it home and cum.  Once I was all the way in, I just started to thrust gently in and out.  But after only one thrust she pushed on my shoulder and rolled us over so she was on top. 

She started to ride me and she was excited.  I was concentrating on not cumming.  I did not want to cum without permission and I did not want to ask for permission or even initiate any conversation relating to sex even tough we were right into it. 

It takes her a while to reach orgasm and so it took a while this time too.  I would go through waves of almost cumming and then the feeling would subside and I could trust upwards too.  Then I felt her cum as she tightened her muscels and tensed up.  Then she relaxed onto my chest. 

Then she pulled off and said "Thank you" and feell asleap.

About 10 minutes later she awoke and said "time to get up" and nothing has been mentioned since.

Wow I so want sex!

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  1. Why dont you give her something common like a lexan rod from Venetian blinds and ask for six strokes because of your disgusting behavior. It should sting like hell but not seem so threatening to her. Should of guessed you are an Aussie my wife/Mistress has always claimed she never met one with any clues about sex. So she married me and got a almost perfect slave.