Saturday, July 13, 2013

All good deeds

She is out .... naturally.
I actually do not mind that.  I am out all week at work and I like to just chill at home.
She has started dinner and I and the kids eat together.
Play a board game with the kids and then they go off and have showers and baths and get into their pjs.  In between whatever kids who are not in the shower are with me in the kitchen cleaning up. The dishwasher is unloaded, re loaded and set to run. 
Kids into bed and some bed time reading and a prayer with each.
Back up to the kitchen.  So even though the dishwasher is full and running the place is still a mess.

Wash up the rest by hand.  There is a lot of it. 

of course I sexualise it in my mind.

Putting in extra effort.  I get youtube going on my laptop with the external speakers (doors to kids rooms closed).  The music is pumping.
And the kitchen is clean.
I look over it.  Benches wiped down.
I try to make it look as good as she does.

Into the bed room,
turn back the bed.  Glass of water on her bed side table.

I sit back.  Channel surf a bit but nothing worth watching.
I am relaxed and she arrives home.

Somehow we end up in the bed room with her wiping baby oil over my body and then wrapping it in plastic.  Tightly.  Like I imagine a corset would be.  Its like a leotard in coverage and tight around my.  And slips and slides against my body.  I love it.  She hates plastic so this is a real treat.
Into bed

We lie and cuddle and I rub a little and she says "do you think you can wait till the morning' and I say 'If you tell me too'
She says:  "Time to sleep (It was after midnight by now).  Lie still and don't wake me"

Morning comes
I am so turned on

I ask If I can cum and she says yes and I explode into the plastic.

Then we drift back to sleep.

Ahh so nice

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