Friday, July 26, 2013

Sex again and a dirty little thought

We seem to be on a roll.

Last night (Thursday night) she came and sat with me. This was unusual as she is usually busy busy busy.   I was working on the computer and had a few tasks to finish.  The relevance of this will become clear in a minute.

When done, I got changed and hopped into bed.  It was about 10pm.  So earlier than the 11 that tends to happen but of course later than the 9pm when she had come and sat with me.  I am often complaining that she come to bed too late.

We touched and cuddled and I said we could do the same as last night and she said that tonight was for me.  She just not get that last night was for us.  Me and Her.  She had a great orgasm and thinks that because I did not orgasm that I was somehow left out.  In fact we had travelled together in the car in the afternoon for about 3/4 of an hour and discussed that.  In that conversation I had reiterated how much I had enjoyed it.  She had had a really powerful orgasm and said that that reminded her of why she valued an orgasm so much and wanted me to enjoy it as much as that.  So yes I enjoy orgasm but also there is a huge enjoyment from the whole activity.  Power, tension physical pain, submissive head space and so on.

Anyway it did not seem to be long before she was nodding off.

I confess I got a little edgy.  She had said "this was your night" (meaning mine) she had said.  So here I am thinking well if it is my night then put some bloody effort into it. 

A somewhat heated exchange took place where she pointed out that she had come and sat with me at 9pm and that I had just worked on the computer.  The word inertia comes to mind.  As does habit and history.  Mind you she sat with her new computer and phone and sent messages and did things.  Not like she did a strip tease or lay provocatively over my monitor.  even the cat knows that to get attention it has to walk across, turn around and sit on the keyboard.

At the end of this I felt down and she .... well... Who knows.  Anyway a few minutes later things picked up.

She said "get out of bed and get the plastic" in a angry way.  I assume she was angry.  Maybe I am too naïve like Sheldon (big bang theory).

She put oil on me.  Smacked my bottom - surprisingly painful and wrapped me in cling wrap.  Ohh that is sexy / kinky. 

Then she said lie on the bed and rub your self.

So here I was lying face down in a tight cling wrap leotard for want of a better word.  Very turned on and rubbing and getting close.  She moved away from the bed and I could hear her rummaging.  She was getting the cane from where it was on the floor behind the dresser.  She ran the tip of it inside my thighs and across my bottom.

My mind went back to school days.  Grade 7. 12 or 13 years old and we had school assembly where we would stand in the quadrangle.  A big square of bitumen with a platform at one end.  We would sit in class lines.  A line of girls and then a line of boys.  I was prebuscent and no sexual interest in girls but in hindsight already kinky.  Anyway on one occasion we were getting ready for assembly and a group of us boys were sitting in our line and a group of girls were standing in a line in front of us.  The uniform skirts were sufficiently short that you could see their undies (sports briefs - settle down men.  When we were at school it was normal and did not have the sexual connotations that it seems to have now).  A girl in front of us had two dark brown bruises across the backs of her thighs up close to her undies.  A picture that fascinated me then and sprang back into my mind last night. 

I will probably be arrested for dirty thoughts.  I did not mention this mental image to my wife who thinks I am weird enough as it is but you lot get subjected to it.

Anyway with the stroke of her cane and the backs of my thighs exploded.  My wife apologised.  She said she missed.

She did not realise her stroke fitted in so neatly and exactly with my memory.  I almost exploded in orgasm.  I restrained myself and asked "May I cum".

She said "yes" and landed a few more on my plastic covered bum.

I orgasmed and relaxed and lay and relaxed on my tummy.  She was still stroking the tip of the cane inside my thighs.  I wondered what she was going to do.  Funny.  Now that I had orgasmed I really did not want her to hit me.  I was prepared for her to do so and I was not going to discourage her but it was interesting to note that my dream or desire for pain had evaporated with the orgasm.

Pretty weird hey.

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