Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sex and she enjoyed it!

We have not had sex for some weeks.  She had been somewhat affectionate during the day but no interest in bed and I had been mildly depressed for want of a better term.  It just did not seem to be worth the effort.

So much so that my penis was not getting hard. Getting old maybe.  But also feeling un loved.  Unnecessary.  Un appreciated.  Out of the loop.  Pointless.

As a generalisation, each night I would have a whinge.  She would call it a rant. I would feel depressed thinking over and over about things that are in my opinion not right.  This whinge seems to either occur when we first go to bed or at about 3am. 

So last night, she comes to bed and as she gets changed does a little strip tease in our bed room.  Matching bra and brief set.  Very sexy.  I start to get interested.

In bed she strokes my penis and I run my hands over the back of her thighs. Quite a long session of touching.  This is great.  Touch is very much my love language.  We end up in a bit of a rhythm with me being gentle with her clit through her undies and she on occasions digging her finger nails into be hard penis.  Ah so nice.

I am in a bit of a sub space.

At one stage I offer to lick her.  I would do anything of course.

She just says to be gentle and at another time she makes a comment "I wonder when you will put your fingers inside my undies".  There is a sensitive balance between going too fast and too slow. 

There is also a conflict inside me.  Being in a submissive mindset means that I want to be told what to do and when.  Perhaps submissive mindset should mean be on your toes.  Be alert.  Read her body and react to it and that that does not mean do nothing until told.  None the less it seems to me, the challenge is to be proactive with out "topping from the bottom".

At one stage I lay back on my back and she put her hand up under my tee shirt and pinched, and twisted my nipple.  Woh so painful.  She is getting good at that.  I thought I detected some extra thrusting by her.  Maybe she is repressed sadist.  (be real unlikely).  She then moved her hand back to my penis and observed it was even harder.  For me it was an interesting mental place to be because I knew that she was then going to do the same thing to the other nipple.  And she did.  I was torn between knowing and wanting and knowing and fearing.

Somewhere in all of this I asked if I would be allowed to cum and she said maybe maybe not.  She said I don't want you waking me up in the night and I said Just say the word.  Don't let me cum.  Take control.  I was torn between begging and letting her know.  Trying to say I am really enjoying this and the sexual tension associated with abstaining is really fun for me.

Somehow we ended up with her undies off and me just pushing in.  She did not want me go right in.  Just tease her clit with the hard end of my penis.  That was driving me wild.  Then after what seemed an age she got me to work my way in.  We did not use lube and we took it slow.  Wow.  She was trusting harder than she had in a long time.  I was struggling not cum.  wham bam thankyou mam and it would have been all over. Luckilly she said "don't you cum".

We moved together on the bed and she came good and hard.  She lay back exhausted.  Of course I was still hot hot hot.  I lay on her with my penis inside her and moved my top to one side so that I did not restrict her breathing.  She was breathing deeply.  I was so turned on.  I moved slowly in and out.  Stimulating my self.  I said "can I cum" and she said "not to night.  lie still and don't wake me running up beside me in the night".  After a while she said "That was great.  It's time to sleep now.  Pull out"


  1. Wonderful. I envy you. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I can certainly relate. Trying to be submissive, but not topping from the bottom. Encouraging, but not being pushy.
    Not wanting to come, but not telling her to not let me come.
    Trying to give her a great fucking when I am so ready to come I could do so in an instant.
    Hoping she will do the things that drive me crazy, like pinching my nipples hard and clawing me with her nails.
    And then, being oddly satisfied when she has come and I am told, "that's all for you now, good night".