Monday, November 3, 2014


We had sex on Sunday night.
Well mutual masturbation.
It was a very enjoyable time of cuddling and kissing and touching that resulted in me rubbing her and she was rubbing me.

During this she said she wanted us to cum together that she likes it more than anything if we cum together.

Highlights the differences.
I obliged and enjoyed.
But still really what would have been edgier would be if she had cum and had forbidden me. 

Highlights our differences.


  1. Yes, it is edgier, as you say, when the woman comes and the man does not. I like that best of all.

  2. Its a tension between what she wants and what I want.

  3. How do your orgasms compare from intercourse (coming in her pussy) vs. manual stimulation?

    For me, handjobs she gives me almost always result in a much more intense orgasm (haha, when I am allowed them). She normally stimulates me in other areas (my balls, my inner thigh, my perineum), and the added stimulation makes it more intense for me. That, and when she is manually stimulating me, I do not have any control over my orgasm, whereas with missionary sex, I control it almost 100%. I love the lack of control.

    I infer it's the same for my wife, because she comes mainly for oral sex or with my fingering a certain place in her pussy with a vibe on her clit. She just loves that.

    Having said that, there are some pretty strong reasons to have bareback intercourse. It is very intimate and it's not something I would ever want to do without, even if the intensity of the climax is slightly less.

    Finally, I do agree with you. It's pretty fun when she teases me and tells me i can't come, when she has.