Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The convienience of a nappy

I have a fetish for want of a better word with wearing a nappy.  No desire to poo in it.  Perhaps it is a security thing.  I don't wear one all the time but I do a lot of the time.  When I am wearing them I go in cycles.  I will simply wear one effectively as underwear and not use it.  These are disposables but they don't tend to last long before they fall apart if not used.  If I am careful then I will get a week out of one.  Sometimes I go through phases of wearing plastic pants over the top.  This is useful if toward the end of the week and to a small degree provides additional security in the event that I need to use it.  Just occasionally I will be in a situation where it is handy.

Today was such a situation except I have not been wearing for a month or so.  As part of my work I have to attend meetings and today I had several meetings in succession with no opportunity to go to the toilet in between and coffee at each meeting.  By the end of the last meeting I was in some pain. After the meeting which concluded with walking with client I was no longer really listening to them as I was totally focussed on my predicament.  We shook hands and parted and I went to my car.  I was bursting and the first thing to do was to drive to the nearest McDonalds and use the loo.

It however has reminded me of why I like nappies.  Time to buy some more I guess.

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