Saturday, November 15, 2014

A submissive mindset

OK I would like her to be a dominatrix.  Demanding and sexy but unfortunately that aint gonna happen.  Mind you it would be interesting.  I suspect though the risk is what happens if I didn't like it anyway.

I find though that having a submissive mindset is for me a good happy place to be.

Even though she is not sexually dominant, she is effectively controlling.  Some of the practical outcomes of having a submissive mindset are firstly to simply accept and go along with any decision or direction she makes.  There is a childish behaviour that I have to watch simply out of being respectful.  That being to almost accept sulkily.  So if she makes a decision and I accept it with a snyd comment or more noticeably if she asks my opinion and I respond with "I don't care" or similar.

Now it could be that I really don't care but I have to consciously choose words that convey that in an adult way.

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