Thursday, January 20, 2011

she does not want to lead

Too hard she says.
She makes it hard on her self.
I try but she just keeps on doing doing doing.


  1. i would advise you continue to put Her needs first...especially in areas outside the bedroom...i am not a "mindless...brainless thin" as you Wife does lead OUR marriage...i have surrendered control to opinion still counts...i am still creative...i do guy things..i am still a man...Her man...i am accountable to Her in all things...we find our marriage much more fulfilling now than ever before...reality is much different than fantasy...but the fantasies have been utilized by Her to make our reality a truly complete existence...continue to feed your submissive tendencies by serving Her in little ways...and keep the lines of communication open and honest...don't force it...good luck to you both...and thank you for sharing...

  2. Perhaps it's time to take a step back and work on your core Husband and Wife relationship rather than focussing on having her take the lead. Just love her and make her feel loved without being submissive.

    In the future she may feel more comfortable with taking charge. LFA/WLM is a journey not a destination and each couples' journey is different.

  3. Yes, I like the comments above. A temporary respite, where she see You putting her needs first, may lead to a longer term change of heart. I will hope, for your sake!! :)

  4. In my experience sometimes having to constantly follow up on your husband and whether or not he has done what he says he has done can be more like having another child! Make sure you not only accomplish your assigned duties and let her know when they are accomplished but also take the initiative with other things that you can help with or just jump in and do for her. Soon she will grow to trust that you are reliable enough to handle yourself without supervision. Also, you need to keep 'her toys' available to her at all times. She needs to see those cock and balls bouncing around all the time to keep them on her mind. But, make sure that you encourage just play without the pressure of following through with more sex. She should feel like it is okay to JUST play with her her how much fun it is to make them bounce around and even get hard and then observe that for a while with no pressure. You must encourage her to find more fun in sex play by showing her that it is fun for you as well! I know that when one sees something there, dangling and bobbing, it will soon be difficult not to reach out and play with them!!! Make your cock and balls more accessible and playful instead of demanding only when they are out!!! That's where I would start if I were you.....SCM....a woman in America.