Friday, June 28, 2013

ah the cane

It's one of those morning when she just has to be getting early and quick.

I was feeling somewhat neglected because no sexy interaction has been occurring.  Read having a sulk.  I was wearing my plastic pants

I said "you could give me few strokes with the cane"

she got up. Went to the toilet and got the cane from behind the dresser.

I lay there face down on the bed rubbing myself against the bed I could just hear the plastic mattress cover crinkling.  Then she brought the cane down on the backs of my thighs.  Oh that hurt.  She did everything right from my kinky male perspective.  Caning and also just running the cane along on my skin.  I guess that is a thing that distinguishes a sexy caning from a purely disciplinary caning that one got as a kid.

So fresh.


A nice way to start the day.

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