Tuesday, June 25, 2013

just finished the washing up

Got home from work to find a veritable kindergarten in our house.  Several other mothers and various children.  They had combined efforts and produced a beautiful dinner while working their way through a bottle or two of bubbly.  This extended into the evening and a few husbands arrived having been texted by their wives that if they wanted dinner then they had better come here because this was where it was at.

The gaggle left in a bit of a hurry.  Time to get kids to bed...  As they were leaving someone said what about the dishes.  Someone else said "don't worry the support crew will take care of it wont they?"  "He does a wonderful job" said my wife looking at me. 

So just spent the last hour and a half loading the dishwasher, decanting the left overs into old Chinese take away containers and then washing up all the stuff that did not fit in the dishwasher.  Wiping down the benches.  

You know and feeling perfectly OK about it.  And also musing what others think.  Obviously some of the mums have some kind of an idea that I like to be given tasks and so on.

Smile quietly to myself.


  1. They likely already knew. Women can always spot men like us, without us actually doing anything to show it. You are lucky, Miss Jessica would not have allowed me to use the dishwasher, I am to wash everything by hand. In fact we have a perfectly good dishwasher, that has not been used in over a year. She enjoys watching the act of me standing at the sink, washing each item one at a time. I have actually come to enjoy this also, it is a good time to mentally relax, reflect on the day behind and the night ahead.

  2. Yes Women are much better at reading people.

    I can understand the enjoyment of standing at the sink. And my wife likes us to be in the kitchen together. It would be nice if my wife got overt enjoyment out of any of this. I agree it is relaxing and I used to sexualise it in a kinky kind of way.