Thursday, June 27, 2013


We have been seeing the marriage councillor.  Can't say I am enamoured by her.  She has indicated that my sexual enjoyment is my responsibility indicating clearly that I should leave my wife alone and masturbate.

So for the last week, I figured whatever...

So I have been wearing plastic pants because I like it and I have not asked my wife for sex or any physical sexualised play.

Does not seem to actually make any difference.  She has noticed and has rubbed me on occasion.

Last night she said that she was thinking that she might deny me orgasm but then did not actually deny me and then fell asleep.

It frustrates me that she has infinite energy for many things but not for sex or sex play.

So we continue sort of aimlessly.

Anyone know a kinky councillor in Brisbane?


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    See I think she offers some counseling.

    I think she is also British as indicated by the extra 'u' characters in some words (e.g., "behaviours").

    Here's a reference to her book "Restart Intimacy":

    I want to give this to my wife, but I'm still reading it.

    She also has a workbook with great exercises.
    You can see some of those in the preview on Amazon.

  2. Talk TO:

    Vanessa Chaland at Fetish-Furniture-Factory

    She seems to be very insightful on these types of issues.

  3. My husband is submissive. I only discovered this recently, although looking back, it makes sense. He only told me when we were talking about our sexual pasts (in perhaps more detail than before) and he discovered i was a dom. I can't believe our luck; to have this perfect match n not know about it!! Im currently enjoying guiding him thru what until now was a mere fantasy for him. And i feel like I've got myself back; i have always loved him but i felt id sacrificed a part of myself. Anyway, i just wanted to say you never know where your perfect match is: i found him in my marriage. Xxx